Friday, June 29, 2012

The New Patrick Henry!-Trey Gowdy Congressman-SC

 blindfolded lady with sword in right hand held vertically down to floor, and a set of balance scales in her left hand held neck high


Adrienne said...

I saw him first - you can't have him (but. I will let you listen to him - heh)

What a man!!

Z said...


"What a man" is right.... sadly, the DoJ has dismissed the contempt charges...for their boss.

This is getting to be a nightmare.

No's NOT a tax, then his lawyers argue it's a TAX...and we are screwed.

He won't tax anybody under $250K and now he's got five new taxes showing up....for those of us who make under $250K a year.

He is now going to charge the military MUCH MUCH more for their healthcare; I nearly wept seeing that this afternoon.

and I was NEVER one to call ANy president names. this one? If the shoe fits..

christian soldier said...

A-indeed!- seems as though the new leaders w/ spines are coming from the South!

Z-Liar in Chief- is what bho is - so true!

Kid said...

Carol-CS, Pardone...., but this is all lip service until further notice. Yes, I believe some of these people honestly care about he country as it was designed and thrived, but unless they get to critical mass, my pom poms stay in the closet....

Maybe I'm just depressed.

christian soldier said...

all it took is 56 signers- w/ men of honor like Patrick Henry-
and Christian leaders- the Black Regiment- also played a part---
I see a new Black Regiment - finally!!

and men like Trey Gowdy ---
however- I will never again vote for the LOTE (Lesser of Two Evils!)

For Freedom!

Trekkie4Ever said...

He's got my vote if he runs for president!

He's awesome!

Anonymous said...

yes, and it appears mr.gowdy conveniently has his brains in his spine, or somewhere thereabouts