Wednesday, June 27, 2012

To Romney & the Other Elitists Rs

This letter states what I have been saying for a very long time..

Being the creator of the acronym- Rino = RINO in 1993- I have been waiting for a ground swell --and am glad to see it!-


Kid said...

IF the repubs get in and IF they don't repeal oblabbycare, They may as well join NASA and head to Mars. They will be Totally DEAD TO ME at that point. They're barely breathing now.

And of course this isn't a threat. I wouldn't dirty my hands on any of these political vermin. Dead to Me is common American Slang.

christian soldier said...

K-got 'YA : - )

Z said...

Kid is more to say than that.
Except I fear we're going to be socialists in 3 years if Republicans don't at least VOTE FOR ROMNEY THIS time....while we're getting better folks for NEXT TIME's election!?