Friday, June 1, 2012

Bilderberg List-&-Just 'Met' Larry McDonald-

You all know about Bilderberg - I HOPE!
It's the Bilderberg Organization that continues to keep us in the US in un-declared "wars"  (NATO) and getting our BEST killed-(my take)-look up the history of Bilderberg -New American
rockefellers-rothschilds-join-up.& Bilderberg & New American
The LIST - Lots of Foreign "influence" 
George Washington- "...stay out of the affairs of Europe..."--
up-date: 'found' this at RM-++-& My introduction to a man of honor- Larry McDonald -


republicanmother said...

And just so you know, Larry McDonald and General Patton were cousins.

If I were to protest Bilderberg, I would have a big picture of Larry McDonald with a quote under it. While I was at it, I'd have a poster like that for Louis McFadden, John Ashbrook, Andrew Breitbart, and maybe others and get my kids to hold them side by side in chronological order, with a banner linking them up saying, These Colors Don't Run!! in red, white and blue.

Well, that's my billboard idea.
I've always thought a great sign for a protest would have been a picture of Rep. McDonald saying Larry McDonald was right! I would especially like to use this one around Newt, for it was L. M. who said that Newt was not to be trusted. How ironic that Newt wound up taking his seat in Congress.

christian soldier said...

RM- I so appreciate the history of McDonald--and-I too believe the others were 'taken out' - I also believe that Patton was 'taken out' - much too convenient an 'accident' - for my liking...
I have a story of Patton ie: WP-interested?

Pastorius said...

You will like this band:

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christian soldier said...

P-will get back to you soon- things have been hectic here ..