Saturday, December 31, 2011

One and 1/2 Hour to HAPPY NEW YEAR-

here in CA-
Happy NEW Year-to my Freedom Loving-PATRIOT Friends!!!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Great Reads--

You will enjoy reading ___Republican Mother___-and-be sure to check out the post that includes Reagan's "Nashua" moment...3rd down--
and this one from -Commoncents_

Sunday, December 25, 2011

CHRISTians-STOP Being NICE=Ann Barnhardt

I've been saying this for a very long time-CHRISTians STOP Being N I C E - as well as - CHRIST was/is - NO Whimp-
Ann says the same - and- that- islam is a fake "religion" w/ NO Constitutional 'rights'--
Come on Christians- read the koran - as research -if for no other reason-
also-watch the video-Three Things About islam-taquiyya-'one may LIE to further the cause of islam' -
Ann's excellent take-

Dan Lungren vs.Stockton-RE:PC Speak about islam

Rep Lungren nails a Defense Dept - Homeland "Security' agent - and does not let the guy off the hook!!--See-something good does come from California! : - )

Monday, December 19, 2011

CA-Flash 'Mob' -CHRISTmas Songs at Redondo Beach Mall

We can stand up using our talents-given from God---Singing- Acting- Visual Arts-Sculpture-Production of Movies and Videos -
T A L E N T S given by G O D
Notice the young people who kneel at the words -Fall On Your Knees---tear time!

and-BTW - California still has mighty talented and Bible believing people -so-Merry C H R I S T mas from this Californian! (-:
Just learned today (Tues.) that the US Capital Christmas Tree honors bho -not Jesus

bho is a Turncoat & Hero of Czech Republc -Vaslav Havel Has Died..

An historical overview of bho's actions regarding our allies-
h/t Crusader Rabbit and his comment --ors:
bho the Turncoat:

AND-an hero who fought against communism - went to jail for his love of freedom - and became Pres of the Czech Republic has died-and BTW- notice that our ally- the Czech Republic- is also mentioned in the Whittle video- bho the Turncoat (link above) Havel has died

Thursday, December 15, 2011

$100,000,000 Penny-Seeing Corruption -Is Believing

My take-VISUALS are the best for the revelation of evil-or- the Dark Side

H/T Republican Mother
up-date- this is NOT a Carol endorsement for Ron Paul..: - )

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Tebow Stands Strong for Christian Beliefs -We Should Too-and Sue For Our First Amendment Rights!

Tim Tebow stands-strong for his Christian faith-

I have been 'asking' for years now--
and All C H R I S T I A N S ---
This sculpture (1/2 life sized) below can be seen in larger size on my site @ carol---it is of a military officer titled -Full Armor of God-he has the Sword of the Spirit-and the Shield of Faith the Bible is his hand is inscribed- Ephesians 6.God gave us the FULL ARMOR that He put on in Isaiah 59--SO--put on the Full Armor of God and Fight (my take) or God will take the Full Armor back and put it on again as in Isaiah 59 -believe me- we do not want that!!!
Lest we mince words-FULL ARMOR is for BATTLE!

just saw this video at -Crusader Rabbit

Sunday, December 11, 2011

ART-Do the Big $$$ "Collectors" Know How to Select Art on Their Own?

I have been questioning how the big $$$ "art" collectors select their art 'treasures'--Do they really choose what they find appealing or do they 'trust' a typical "I'm a professional and I know what is best for you!" dealer---
Here is a quote from an article I have just read and linked---It seems my question has been answered and it is very revealing- Big $$$ collectors rely on the 'professional' to tell them what they
should like and BUY---whether the art is really excellent or not---!!!
"If I stop being on good behaviour for a moment, my dark little secret is that I don't actually believe many people in the art world have much feeling for art and simply cannot tell a good artist from a weak one, until the artist has enjoyed the validation of others – a received pronunciation. For professional curators, selecting specific paintings for an exhibition is a daunting prospect, far too revealing a demonstration of their lack of what we in the trade call "an eye""

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Go ARMY-Beat Navy-December 10-2011

I remember the -'You have 90 seconds to say your good-byes" very well and it brought tears to my eyes and heart --
Welcome to West Point-you have 90 seconds to say your good byes...
GO ARMY beat Navy-
during this game you are rivals-after this game you are all on the same take...and it came out in the documentary...
this is staying here til December 10 ---
I ask you- my Patriot fiends - to watch the entire documentary...
As I see it --t has a bit of a Navy slant-but- that is because I am Army ( USMA) : - )

Don't want to do a new post so--
since our BEST are putting their lives on the line-I must insert this-it came out today-the DoD labels Ft Hood massacre as - simply- "work place violence"---PC at its worst----forget that Hasan shouted "allah akbar " (LCOP-lower case on purpose!)-before murdering our BEST on Home Ground!!
ARMY got it to the 'wire' this year-at least : - ) Army 21- Navy 27-link to article

Sunday, December 4, 2011

GUNS=Peace & Stability-Dutch Miltiary Leader

My DAD-(DUTCH -Irish) 4 years in the Pacific-WW II -taught us kids how to SHOOT--
He took us to the gravel pits w/ his own targets-
One pit -we had to cross a small river- SO- he threw empty cans into the river (the days BEFORE PC-greeeeeeeen)- - and taught us how to shoot at a moving target and HIT IT!!!
Didn't appreciate my DAD as much then as I do now--- :- (
and - getting to appreciate my Dutch/ Irish DNA as much as my Danish DNA----

Remind me to tell you about my Irish Grandfather who had tears when he 'met' my first horse-seems his family bred some of the finest horsed in Canada-I did not know that !!!til I was in my 20s!!! (I had to wait til then-no extra $$$ for horses when I was younger) No wonder I LOVE HORSES-that - too- is in my DNA code!
My family was very 'close to the vest' ...and did not tell much about their bragging-you know!'

Thursday, December 1, 2011


All who have been 'selling' Newt-because he is the Lesser of Two Evils (LOTE copy right Carol) --

I remind them that Newt can be seen sitting on a couch with Nancy P...among other hypocrisy !
even Rush has something to say about Newt! View-and give me your take--

I say-NO VOTE for the LOTE (copy-right-Carol)