Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Go ARMY-Beat Navy-December 10-2011

I remember the -'You have 90 seconds to say your good-byes" very well and it brought tears to my eyes and heart --
Welcome to West Point-you have 90 seconds to say your good byes...
GO ARMY beat Navy-
during this game you are rivals-after this game you are all on the same side...my take...and it came out in the documentary...
this is staying here til December 10 ---
I ask you- my Patriot fiends - to watch the entire documentary...
As I see it --t has a bit of a Navy slant-but- that is because I am Army ( USMA) : - )

Don't want to do a new post so--
since our BEST are putting their lives on the line-I must insert this-it came out today-the DoD labels Ft Hood massacre as - simply- "work place violence"---PC at its worst----forget that Hasan shouted "allah akbar " (LCOP-lower case on purpose!)-before murdering our BEST on Home Ground!!
ARMY got it to the 'wire' this year-at least : - ) Army 21- Navy 27-link to article


WomanHonorThyself said...

luv them all!

BB-Idaho said...

Lotta comptetiveness there: when
my USN Lt. Commander son-in-law
taught at West Point, he bet his
organic chemistry class that Navy would win....or he would sing "The Army Goes Rolling Along". Since
he cannot carry a tune, he was lucky Navy won! Of course as an
ex-Army officer, I will be rooting
for the Black Knights of the Hudson.

Z said...

"when we graduate, we'll be on the same team......."

My GOSH, what beautiful words. Great video. And thanks for the reminder of the day this game's played; I'm not a football fan but love to watch Army/Navy for some reason! Not sure which side I'm on.........I think Army.
I always thought Navy uniforms were silly :-)

christian soldier said...

A- I know you do : - )

BB-cousin's son recently graduated from the USNA- so- I feel your predicament : - )


Trekkie4Ever said...

I honestly love them both, doesn't matter to me who wins.