Thursday, May 31, 2012

Doc Watson-Guitarist-Died Tuesday -89 years Old

I took guitar classes (3 semesters) 4 years ago- loved it- and would have loved to have  heard Doc Watson in person-
He became blind before his first birthday-still worked the farm and learned to play the guitar!!
March 3, 1923 NC-May 29,2012 (89) NC

Rockefellers / Rothschilds-Join Up-

We can learn from these people- although- my gut tells me that they coalesced years ago-
Rockefellers and Rotheschilds Unite
Can you say Bilderberg!-BTW Bilderberg is meeting in Washington DC-tomorrow-June 1-Security is High!
Go to New American -  if you want to know the history of Bilderberg..type in Bilderberg in the search box- top the sight...

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

West Point-A House Divided?/Major General Butler -War Is a Racket

You who frequent my site know how concerned I am about the PC at West Point (and the other military academies.)..It looks like there is some rumbling going on :

"Found" this at  Republican Mother-
Highly decorated-Maj. General Butler (USMC)-War IS A Racket-
Remember-Washington -first Pres of US -admonished us in the US to avoid foreign entanglements
The more I study- the more I know that there is BIG $$$ in war- and the ones making BIG $$$ - would not pick up the 'sword of war' themselves- nor would they accept the paltry salary 'given' to our BEST-

Veterans Throw their MEDALS back - toward the NATO conference-

Go and read Republican Mother's Account

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Memorial Day-Artist Micheal Fay- Honoring Our Wounded BEST

My side roll has several Military Artists -
Take a look at the CBS feature of artist- Micheal Fay -drawing and interviewing some of our wounded BEST!;contentBody

Friday, May 25, 2012

Terroist- Kimberlin-Foundation ($$$) List- That Funds Him -

Republican Mother has such a concise listing of the foundations that fund the terrorists-world -wide and domestic-so- instead of writing my own take- I give you hers-It  is AWESOME !!

You all know that "FOUNDATIONS" are the tax - free conduits to fund the likes of Kimberlin-RIGHT!?!!!

Michelle Malkin has an excellent overview on Kimberlin's attack on conservative bloggers.
Adrienne has the list of blog supporters.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

WP Grad CPT Larkin O'Hern--and Update On Rufus the Dog

CPT O'Hern-(West Point grad. and brave soldier) is a Multiple amputee : "...we're not victims." he states!
Sounds like the 'typical' brave BEST doesn't it!?!!
The FOX article w/ video also has Rufus the dog who 'warned' some of our BEST -in Afghanistan- He is now in the US -after much red tape!
Click the link and read the great article and the even greater video!!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Women Beware-Sharia-Dangerous -

This video is well worth the 12 minutes  to watch-
PolitiChicks interview a Congressman on the dangers of Sharia to women-
h/t JAWA

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

BRAVE STUDENT Questions Pro-bho Teacher...
Teacher Yells at student for asking question about bho- told him he could be arrested-(and- w/ bho - it may be true!)-The link below is the same incident with class-room proof tape-

ANN Romney for President-Horses-Dressage

I did not know that I was among the WEALTHY !!- It seems that the LA Times -while crafting a HIT on Ann Romney-put the discipline of Dressage into the wealthy category-
GEEEEES - and to think I trained w/ a fabulous Dressage coach in Moorpark  - as did Ann Romney! I MUST BE WEALTHY!!! Who would have thought!

ANN Romney for President!
Thanks for the heads up Drudge Report

Jesse Petrilla-Soldier-Councilman-Now in Afghanistan

This is a man of honor whom I supported for City Council- even though it  was not my city-
He is now on the battle  field in Afghanistan-He is still a Councilman-
Jesse Petrilla -

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Saturday, May 19, 2012

I'll Have Another-Preakness

I LOVE this horse-I'LL HAVE ANOTHER-wins the Preakness-
Triple Crown anyone!

h/t common cents

b hussein obama Truth Video

Thank you Adrienne-

my take-romney is another LOTE* (lesser of two evils)-*copy right-Carol-CS
romney is already backing off from truth telling about bho--
for those of you who believe that romney  will bring "change" -there is no 'hope" for that-
romney 'went after' his R opponents- he will not 'go after' bho-

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Deb Fischer-WINS Neb. Sen. Primary-Elite Rs LOSE

 Soon to be SENATOR Deb Fischer!
A woman after my own heart-loves her country-is a rancher-is PRO LIFE- loves her family!
The GOP elites lost- YEY-we do have to be watchful of the GOP elites remember  the  NRSC - they  sent a 'team ' to sabotaged the Senatorial election of Alaska -by forming a write in for lisa murkowsky (sp) over Joe Miller - a man of honor-West Point grad- who was winning -Do NOT trust the Rs in power positions.

h/t Gateway Pundit

Monday, May 14, 2012

War -Muslims-Tribute-Very Old War-

JAWA -D'Martyr- posted about the unresolved murder of a NY police officer lured into a mosque-it reminded me that we are in a VERY OLD WAR w/ an enemy that is protected by PC-
and I have posted many times about Tribute- and the War at Tripoli-Here is one of mine-
I found another excellent take tonight-Jefferson's War

Sgt Conney's Wife - Melissa- Mother of Cerebal Palsy Son-You Deserve Much Praise

Wish I could figural out how to embed from FOX- - You will love the interview w/ the entire family of Sgt Cooney - who was greeted by his son - the family was told son would never walk! His mother encouraged him- until - now- he can walk and he walked to his father - who had just returned from Afghanistan!-
Melissa - mother of 5- I salute you!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Battle Hymn of the Republic-West Point-Warning-CHRIST Is In It

Wonder how long we and our BEST will be able to sing the National Anthem-seeing as Christ is being removed from military forums- Bibles of our troops burned by DoD---AF folds to atheists-(see Older Posts)--enjoy this while we can-

Friday, May 11, 2012

CROSS -200 Ft. Tall- By Developer in Missouri-

 Take that atheists- and others whom I will not name- OK-- CAIR - ACLU -et al !
A Christian is standing up for Freedom! Yee HA

West Point Graduate-Killed in Afghanistan

West Point graduate David Rylander of Stow killed in action in Afghanistan

By Jim Carney
Beacon Journal staff writer

David Rylander of Stow is shown in his West Point cadet uniform in his 2011 graduation photo. Rylander, 23 an Army Second Lieutenant was killed by an IED while serving in Afghanistan on May, 2, 2012.

Please pray for his family-and the families of all of  our BEST -

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Vidal Sassoon-ARTIST-Warrior-Visionary

Vidal Sassoon is dead at 84- He was a true artist-creator- sculptor-
Vidal Sassoon-click on red for article-
a quote from Vidal Sassoon:
"The ability to look at somebody’s face and body structure," he said. "It’s like sculpture. You eliminate the superfluous."

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Art Helps Rehabilitate Brain Injured -Konstantinov-

Remember - I stated that the 'hyperactive ' children in my art/music classes were NOT hyper w/ me-
and that art could be used for therapy - well - it is being used for brain trauma injuries!!-
Found this on my Red Wings site:
Konstantinov's Rite of Spring

Royal Oak was  my 'home town' when growing up---now it is heavy in the arts- COOL!!

Common Cents' last two posts will truly move you all-

Lilly the Pit Bull-Saves Her Owner-Loses Front Leg

Pit Bulls are kind-only when they are abused - do they turn-
You will love this : H/t JAWA-side roll-

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

How Long Will New Zealand Be a US Ally

NZ will not allow US nuclear ships into its ports- REALLY!

Tea Party Candidate =Mourdock Defeats Lugar-YE HA!

REAGAN - Speech For Today-Watch Out-Elitist Rs

The Republican elites did not like Reagan any more than the progressive Ds (communist -progressives that is)-listen to his speech- you will know why!
thanks republican mother (on my side roll)

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Carrots for Lava Man-Winner and Now Leader of Winners.Kentucky Derby Today

 up date-I'll Have Another-the $11,000 under dog-won  the Kentucky Derby-

"Mom-You're the only person I know who would drive 6 hours to give your horse a carrot!"
Eye roll from my son--
When your 'friends' are far away - you go and see them---
Here is my mare-Sweet Charity - w/ her first foal-Star of David. (Mothers Day May 9)
My wonderful mare-Sweet Charity -( Trakehner /Thoroughbred)
and her first foal- Star Of David -(Trakehner - Holstein)

Lava Man is now a 'Pony Horse'-and -the star-of the stable :carrots for Lava Man

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

SNIPERS-Record Holders-US and Canadian-

You are going to love this!
Shooting with Today's Top Snipers

Shooting with Today's Top Snipers

Learn how long-range warriors take the fight to the enemy.

By Maj. John Plaster, USA (Ret.)

Chinese Pro-Life Activist-Now At US Embassy-No Apology from US - Please-No Appeasement Necessary-OK US Officials!

Chen Guangcheng!- an hero and true warrior for the TRUTH-
He exposed the Pro-Death - forced abortion -policies of the Communist Chinese government-and he and his family have been brutalized because of it!
If the US still stands for freedom- he will be protected- and demands from our US 'officials' should be forthcoming to gather his family and send them  here-to the US -for their protection..
We in the US should NOT APOLOGIZE!
Read the rest:
two up-dates-
You decide if he and his family are "safe"-
up-date to the up-dates-
looks like US betrayed Chen-(who exposed Pro-Death -abortion-policies  of China)