Monday, December 30, 2013

Abortion and Breast Cancer - Linked-First Study 1996-Supressed by the ilke of NOW

 I read about this in 1996--
but NOW (national organization for women ) and other PC groups including the MSM  suppressed the findings that Abortion and BREAST CANCER were linked!!
Protection of Women and Babies was not a propriety to the above groups--
Women- You've been "HAD"--and it is time for NOW to go!!

A new meta-analysis of studies concludes that a single abortion raises the risk of breast cancer for a woman by an astonishing 44 percent.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Bold--Michigan Congressman -Mike Rogers- Says It All About the Federal Govt. Intrusion- Punish & Weaken the Strong-

His speech  before Congress-BRAVE-BOLD-it was on obama care- but he added other improtant govt intrusions:watch before it is removed...

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Chicago Minorities (Blacks) - Nail Al Sharpton At His Town Hall Meeting-NICE to See

I am pleased to know that there are those who know the reason they are in trouble- boarded houses-folks out of work- they blame the elite  Dems--
Detroit has fallen because of the tactic of the Sharptons  of the world... Chicago is on the way>>>>

This from Republican Mother's Site

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

No KING But KING JESUS-Motto of the 1776 Revolution--Merry CHRISTmas To ALL

 I 'swiped' this wonderful piece from Marine 4 Ever--because I could not  state /nor illustrate the birth of our LORD -JESUS-any better- thank you M4E..

23 December 2013

The World's First King Size Bed.

“For God so loved the world, that He gave His only Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have eternal life. (17) For God did not send His Son into the world to condemn the world, but in order that the world might be saved through Him.” 
John 3:16-17
Dedicated to our Lord Jesus Christ. Jesus came to earth because He loves us. He became a man because He loves us. He died on the cross and rose again because He loves us. Because He loves us, He is coming again.

May Jesus Christ be with you and your family during this joyous time. 

Merry CHRISTmas to all!

Saturday, December 21, 2013

U.S> BEST >Aircraft Shot Down in Sudan-4 Injured>>Follow the Money-&-60,000 sq. ft. Mansion -Bel Air - CA--

After reading the article - w./ my  "follow the $$$" point of view--I know why our BEST are being sacrificed via UN - other $$$ folks>>>>OIL-
At least bho sent aid to evacuate our embassy-unlike his lack of aid to our consulate in Benghazi--
a couple of excerpts from article:
"An International Crisis Group expert on South Sudan told The Associated Press on Friday that rebels have taken control of at least some of South Sudan's oil fields, an issue that could bring Sudan into the conflict. South Sudan's oil flows north through Sudan's pipelines, providing Khartoum with much needed income."
"U.S. President Barack Obama earlier this week dispatched U.S. troops to help protect the U.S. Embassy in the capital, Juba."

AND-60,000 sq ft Mansion-and - I found that it is SMALL compared to some in the US!!

I wonder if a big $$$ human is benefiting >> w/ the blood of our BEST>> and the $$$ of US taxpayers-so  a 60,000 sq. ft . mansion could be purchased in Bel Air- CA--
Edited quote from article -about the -- use of another large home in the area:
"..use their Angelo Drive residence to raise money to benefit the environment, UCLA and other causes. In the two years they've occupied the house, with its children's wing and soaring hotel-scale atrium, they have held scores of events. At a November gathering for foster youth, Gov. Jerry Brown and former Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa were among the guests."

Jerry Brown and Villaraigosa-Hmmmm!!! 
You all know I am suspect of liberal - progressives-like Brown and Villaraigosa- wonder if bho was invited--,0,7618132.story#axzz2o4jVD417 

Just a thought!! There seems to LOTS of MONEY for some--but not for our Troops--Hmmmmm

LIST of LARGEST HOMES IN US- some over 100,000 sq ft./one 178,000 sq ft--!! 

Do I mind that folks have the money for such homes- NO- I do not mind--in fact--I have decided that I am thinking too small--
When I have such large sums of $$$ I will be using my house and my jet to benefit our troops and abandoned children and for the PRO-LIFE Charity that I founded!! 

Wednesday, December 18, 2013


Benfits for our BEST and their families -CUT- while $$ go to illegals-the mid east-and Congressional Perks-
and- the traitor RINOS who voted for the cuts-shame- mc cain- murkowsky (sp)- and et al--
Thank you ABBA for this-
BTW- Why do our BEST continue to volunteer!!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Only Two People Who Ever Died for Me-Soldiers and JESUS

 Below is a short list of organizations who help our BEST-
Only Two People Who Ever Died for Me-Soldiers and Jesus- This video has fabulous art and photos and a great song--honoring our BEST--

Folds of Honor (if you are a golfer-look to Patriot Golf Day)
Operation Gratitude (here in LA-CA)
Operation Support Our Troops (West Point Parents Association)
There are many more--and I am so glad there are!!

A Wonderful Overview of CHRISTmas - Balance- Hope- Love

 Thank you-William Stout- for this wonderful view of Christmas--This is a must Read- My Friends...

Monday, December 16, 2013

Go ARMY-OK - Next Year-

I like this because I get to see "my" cadets on the West Point Marching field (-: at the end--(-:

I salute our BEST -
Army-Navy-Air Force- Marines-Coast Guard- Merchant Marines  

US Sheriffs Stand for the CONSTITUTION-and The SECOND Amendment

When the woman stated that the Constitution was not a living -breathing document- the video "had my attention" to the end!!

Friday, December 13, 2013

R from California Asks Adminstration "officials" -How many Taxpayer $$ and How Many Troops Lost in Afghanistan?- They Could not answer!!

 Rep. Dada Rohrabacher (R. Calif.) Nailed the inept Administration "specialists"--

"Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R., Calif.) had a simple question Wednesday for three of the Obama administration’s top Afghanistan specialists: How many American troops have been killed in Afghanistan this year?
None of the witnesses at the House Foreign Affairs Committee hearing on Afghanistan had an answer."
"Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Ed Royce (R., Calif.) later noted that the U.S. spends about $6.7 billion a month on the war in Afghanistan."

$6.7 BILLION A MONTH is a bit different than the bho person's guess of $ 2 billion a YEAR!!

BTW- Don't Give Up On Us Californians!! (-:

CHRISTIANS Abandoned By bho Administration

When are We Christians going to say ENOUGH?

Boehner is a Traitor to the Constitutional Principals-No More Vote For The LOTE!!-Go Get Them -- Lee - Cruz-Palin
Same old - same Old- RINO Rs continue the LOTE scenerio-
LOTE-Lesser of Two Evils- we must get any republican in no matter what that republican  stands for-
I am a Recovering Republican - How about a CONSTITUTIONAL PARTY--

Monday, December 9, 2013

Mandela Revealed-communist - w/ LOTS of US Taxpayer $$$ given to him!

 an excerpt from the article --read the rest - of the article via link below-

"Politicians lie, but this was a whopper, designed for the purpose of turning South Africa and its strategic materials over to the communists. The perfect front man, Mandela had always denied being a party member and, for the benefit of foreign audiences, publicly rejected Marxism as a "foreign ideology" as recently as a few years ago. It appears that was just a ploy to keep the foreign aid coming. South Africa has been among the top ten recipients of U.S. foreign aid, getting close to $500 million in fiscal year 2013.

Now that we know what's going on, what will we do about it? Three American presidents – Obama, Clinton, and George W. Bush – are going to South Africa for his state funeral on December 15. Obama has ordered American flags to remain at half-staff in his honor until sunset on December 9. The con will continue. Still, the facts matter."

and read the articles on the link's side roll-

BTW!!-the US flag is to be flown at half mast for US CITIZENS ONLY!!!

Sunday, December 8, 2013

US Air Force Band-CHRISTian Music-Flash Mob-

Jesu Joy and other CHRISTian songs--WOW

Thank you GoV

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Dec 4,1945-A Day of the Loss of US Sovereignty-A Senate Vote That Will "Go Down In Infamy!"

I have no respect  for FDR- so- I 'swiped' his phrase from the speech about the Japanese attack on the Pearl Harbor...and used  it for the attack and win against the Constitutional Sovereignty of the US-by getting us in the US into the debauched "United" Nations>>>
Three paragraphs from the wonderful article via the link-:>>>

"While the proposed Constitution was still before the states for ratification, another of the Framers, Alexander Hamilton, wrote in The Federalist, no. 69 that the president's authority as commander-in-chief of the army and navy would be considerably inferior to that of the British monarch. "It would amount to nothing more than the supreme command and direction of the military and naval forces, as first General and admiral of the Confederacy," Hamilton wrote, "while that of the British king extends to the declaring of war and to the raising and regulating of fleets and armies — all which, by the Constitution under consideration, would appertain to the legislature."
Congress last issued a formal declaration of war in December of 1941, when the United States entered World War II. President Truman's commitment of American forces to a United Nations "police action" in Korea started the nation down the road of a seemingly endless series of undeclared wars in Vietnam, the Dominican Republic, Bosnia, Somalia, Iraq (twice), Libya, and Afghanistan and other places where our armed forces have been sent to fight and often to engage in the kind of "nation-building" ill-suited to a military mission and which our Constitution in no way authorizes.
We have seen in recent years an erosion of constitutional liberties that has accompanied the ever-expanding role of America as the world's policeman. The ultra-secret National Security Agency continues to intercept our phone calls and e-mails, while Congress annually authorizes the president to detain terror suspects, including American citizens, indefinitely, without charge or trial. Meanwhile the trillions of dollars of war debt we have accumulated in Iran and Afghanistan pose an economic threat to our nation's security."

President George W. Bush Visited the Hospitalized Wounded at Ft Hood -B Hussein O Did Not--

As you all know- I do not trust anyone in Washington or the GOP-but- this story shows me that Pres Bush is a truly honoraable man - Fanfare means little to him--
GWB actually got in his car - w/o escort- drove to Ft Hood-and visited the wounded in the hospital- (til bho ordered him to leave-)
bho flew to Ft Hood days later for a photo shoot -  & did not visit the wounded in the hospital-
 b hussein obama-is all about "LOOK AT ME" and has no honor-(my take)
Thank you commoncents-

BTW- I no longer trust snopes-& factcheck is still on the table--

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Abortion Equals Risk of Breast Cancer- Old News - New News to Chinese

The link between Breast Cancer and Abortion is old news to me-
 I read about it yeeears ago--
NOW and other Pro-Death entities forced the scientific study to be suppressed and there were no blogs at the time- so- 
The Death Stream media hid the warning-that would have saved many women from Breast Cancer --and saved the lives of their un-born children!

Well- the Chinese have done the study again- linking Breast Cancer to Abortion-

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Faith With Out ACTION Is Dead-I Have Found Another Candidate For Office Whom I Will Support

I have been telling by Christian friends - for a Loooooong time- that one can have lots of Faith but- Faith With Out ACTION Is Dead  (copy write-Carol-CS)

and that voting is not enough-that we must support candidates nation-wide-because  their actions in office affect us all- no matter from what state they are  running--

I  have "found" another candidate whom I will support with my $$$$-
Dan Bogino>>

and here is my other candidate-Joe Miller

Monday, December 2, 2013

Save Your Old Car Batteries-LEAD Is Now Valuable -

Your Govt's EPA says-no more lead production-
No lead- No Bullets-
So- use your used batteries--(-: for>>>>
Thank you Joe and Allen West-

Friday, November 29, 2013

Do You See What I See--A STAR-

Do You See What I See- A Star- At Star--
Said the night wind to the little lamb,
do you see what I see
Way up in the sky, little lamb,
do you see what I see
A star, a star, dancing in the night
With a tail as big as a kite
With a tail as big as a kite

Said the little lamb to the shepherd boy,
do you hear what I hear
Ringing through the sky, shepherd boy,
do you hear what I hear
A song, a song, high above the trees
With a voice as big as the sea
With a voice as big as the sea

Said the shepherd boy to the mighty king,
do you know what I know
In your palace warm, mighty king,
do you know what I know
A Child, a Child shivers in the cold
Let us bring Him silver and gold
Let us bring Him silver and gold
Said the king to the people everywhere,
listen to what I say
Pray for peace, people everywhere!
listen to what I say
The Child, the Child, sleeping in the night
He will bring us goodness and light
He will bring us goodness and light

Thursday, November 28, 2013

LOVE and Hugs To All This Thanksgiving

Carol-Christian Soldier
Joe Miller has written a wonderful - and HIStorical post-w/ quotes from the Founders -I highly recommend it to be read-
BTW-WHT has some great ideas for FOOD (-:

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Nancy P-P on Botox and Other Drugs to Take----CA - We Thank You!! LOL

OK- this Californian does not want your Thank You--
But remember " As California Goes- So Goes the Rest of the Nation!"
Enjoy - my friends- it is good to Laugh Out Loud (LOL) occasionally- and I love the mocking of Nancy PP

Monday, November 18, 2013

Seals Betrayed By DoD - Brass-Regime & Last WW I Soldier-111 years old - Had Insights On WAR-

 My Friends- Who Wins By Promoting WAR??--over the generations--2000 ++ years of WAR--

Guess I'll have to start an Historical search based on the FOLLOW THE MONEY theory--

The Last WW I Veteran --I was surprised to learn that he and some of his fellows vowed not to kill- so- he became a hero by wounding  the 'enemy'...

 TERRORISTS given better treatment than our Seals...Video and excellent article:
Seals and other of our BEST have been  Betrayed-by our government - and not just the bho regime---
Why Do Our BEST Continue to Volunteer!!!

George Washington Warned the new Republic to "STAY OUT OF THE AFFAIRS OF EUROPE" and-
my take--
every where else--
How did the US become the world's protector and POLICE!?
Follow the MONEY????? 

Saturday, November 16, 2013

1984 Anyone!!- We Were Warned-

If you read about the IRS (FED government  "enforcers ) Actions on the small business owners - the Dehkos Family - you will become afraid- very afraid of your government and the legal system-

Liberty's Torch - the full post on tyranny by "ROYALS" in the Fed Government:
H/t Crusader Rabbit -side roll

I read 1984 in the late 1980s--Orwell warned us way back in the 1940s--he probably got 'eye rolls' back then and he helped design some of the proto-types for the spy mechanisms of today!!

From your Little Ray of Sunshine-Carol-CS

Friday, November 15, 2013

Two Today-1.) High School Senior Takes on the awful Common Core - and - 2.) Property Rights No Longer -Life Liberty PROPERTY

You all know that the Ed system has failed because the govt wants our young to be dumbed down- RIGHT>>
My comment at Crusader Rabbit:
Guess what is the first to go w/ c core? – –art and music-
guess who need art and music- the most intelligent- but- often- hyperactive boys-
Reading-Writing – Arithmetic- Logic-True History and the ARTS–
We get those and we will not need to drug (retalin) our brightest!
HOMESCHOOL – as I did –
after ten years of teaching – I knew that the basics were being phased out!
Before the wording was changed to appease the issue of slavery - PROPERTY was the word used in the original Declaration of Independence --
Life Liberty PROPERTY!
Be warned my friends- the govt has been and will be coming after your PROPERTY:

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Why A Compliant Officer Corps? Meet Jose-From a Commie Country - Boldly Speaking Against the Tyranny of UN Agenda 21 -He has A copy of the Constitution In His Hand

 I believe that the Officers who honor their Oath are being purged -because the regime wants the military to turn against the citizens of the US--

Hear this man from a communist country- He has a copy of the Constitution in his hand --""God Bless America -God Damn the United Nations!"

See other videos on Aganda 21 --UN..

I present this because of another post about the purge of the officer Corps..

I have posted often on the deterioration of our Military..and the purge of Officers who honor their Oath - which does include the word -CONSTITUTION - but- does NOT include the word President!!
Saying that- you now know why I believe the Office Corps is being purged...

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Tyranny In College Football -Concussed Player Called A Pussie After Telling His Coach of Headaches-Coach Had Issues-

Frostburg State football player pressured back on field after blows to the head dies:

At least read to the page where it states the issues the coach had w/ the law--
What do you all think about this?--

I- Carol- was trained to over come pain- that is what athletes do-- but-the issue of  head injuries were treated with great concern-SO-

I am glad that the parents are suing - after two years of trying to find answers and the cover-up by Frostburg State  --

Same link as above-

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Military Cuts Prevent -Fly Overs So Private Pilots Take Over--Largest Flyover Ever--KC Arrowhead

 " At Arrowhead Stadium  Sunday....As you know the budget  cuts have
  eliminated the military flyovers at large events.  Well, there's  a group of guys in
  Kansas City who do some formation flying in their own  planes and that
  decided they'd volunteer to pick up the slack.  They  invited a couple of other
  groups to join them and before they knew it they had  48 guys with their
  homemade RV airplanes signing up to join in.  If they  had more time, they
  probably would have gotten an even larger group as people  kept joining and a
  49th was added near the event.  One additional feature  of the flyover was the
  use of pink smoke for cancer awareness.  The folks  from the Guinness Book
  where there and are expected to confirm it as the largest  formation flight
  ever.  And to top it off the crowd later set the record  for the loudest
  gathering at a football  stadium."

Thank you Virginia & Kirk!

View From the Cockpit at Arrowhead Fly-Over- I love flying-  Pilots are cool- Huh (-:

Monday, November 11, 2013

ARMY/Navy Game - Dec-2001--Two Who Battled Each Other on the Football Field--Were on the Same Side On The Real Field of Battle ---Remember 9/11/2001 & VETERANS DAY!!

 I was not going to do a post for Veterans' Day because there are so many others who have done so--but- could no resist this one --

Army/Navy Game- Dec. 2001--two who battled on the football field - became distant 'comrades' on the Battle Field -From the book__ ALL AMERICAN___ by Steve Eubanks--
Go to the link - you will be glad you did!!

December 14- 2013 is THE GAME!!
I will not give my GAME "battle cry" today- Those of you know me know what it will be in December14!!! (-:
9780062202802_p0_v2_s260x420ALL AMERICAN: Two Young Men, the 2001 Army-Navy Game and the War They Fought in Iraq by Steve Eubanks is a must read.  The gripping tale follows the heroic lives of West Point cadet Chad Jenkins and midshipman Brian Stann who later became a Marine.  What makes the book significant is that Jenkins and Stann were athletes who enlisted to play football during peacetime; yet, played in the most watched college game of the decade, in December 2001, while the Towers were still burning.  - See more at:

9780062202802_p0_v2_s260x420ALL AMERICAN: Two Young Men, the 2001 Army-Navy Game and the War They Fought in Iraq by Steve Eubanks is a must read.  The gripping tale follows the heroic lives of West Point cadet Chad Jenkins and midshipman Brian Stann who later became a Marine.  What makes the book significant is that Jenkins and Stann were athletes who enlisted to play football during peacetime; yet, played in the most watched college game of the decade, in December 2001, while the Towers were still burning.  - See more at:

Posted By Blackfive • [November 11, 2013] The following book review is a special for BlackFive readers provided by Elise Cooper. You can read all of our book reviews by clicking on the Books category link on the far right sidebar.
9780062202802_p0_v2_s260x420ALL AMERICAN: Two Young Men, the 2001 Army-Navy Game and the War They Fought in Iraq by Steve Eubanks is a must read.  The gripping tale follows the heroic lives of West Point cadet Chad Jenkins and midshipman Brian Stann who later became a Marine.  What makes the book significant is that Jenkins and Stann were athletes who enlisted to play football during peacetime; yet, played in the most watched college game of the decade, in December 2001, while the Towers were still burning.
Ironically the only time these two met was during one play of the 2001 game when Army quarterback Jenkins ran up the middle to be tackled by linebacker Stann.  The author, Eubanks, conveys the feelings of the time with a detailed description of the pre-game activities, the game itself, and the post-game activities.  He commented to, “They had gone to play football for their respective academies. There was no war then, but that changed after 9/11.  Even though there were other sports events between the time period of 9/11 and this game, these cadet athletes were different.  None of the other athletes were going to serve in combat.  People tuned in to see the players who would be fighting to defend Americans freedoms.  I named the book All American, playing on the words.  None of those football players who played in the Army-Navy rivalry that year would make the ‘All-American list.’  Yet, those guys are All Americans because what they did was heroic and they are quality individuals.”
Chad Jenkins jokingly noted that he has the notoriety of being the only QB to defeat Navy since that game. He thought it was awesome when a platoon of Rangers roped down from a Blackhawk and Chinook helicopter to assault the unlit bonfire, during a rally before the rivalry game. After football he decided to become a part of the 75th Ranger Brigade because he saw himself as a leader who would run towards trouble instead of away from it.  He became a leader on the battlefield always trying to push the offensive posture, using action raids to assault the enemy.  Chad stated, “Rangers do not react we initiate.  The best defense is a great offense.  I applied this in football and in combat.”
Although Brian Stann was a reserve football player he was an All-Star in combat, being awarded the Silver Star. Brian was influenced to go into the Marines because it suited his personality of being intense and serious.  After enduring a bogus investigation into his conduct where he was found not guilty, he was assigned to fight in Iraq.  It was there that he distinguished himself as a leader by risking his life when pulling his men out of a burning tank.  Brian commented to, “It was a tough environment we were put into.  There was no doctrine to deal with the insurgents and we developed one over time.  It was hard because the enemy understood our rules and used them against us.  It made for a very complex scenario.”
The book also describes how their time as an athlete helped them in combat situations.  Brian felt “playing football helped me in becoming a warrior.  When you are performing on the football field you must make split second decisions.  There are assignments on every play.  It helped me develop my leadership skills.  We had to be accountable and had to deliver to the bottom line every single day.  We had to execute drills and were held to a certain level as a team.”  After football while waiting for redemption Brian trained to become a UFC fighter, combining boxing and martial arts.  He felt this helped “me have an avenue for my emotions.  It prepared me mentally for combat because I had a release for my mindset.  After Iraq when I came home I had something to focus on.  I even taught a course for my peers to help them with PTSD.”
Chad also feels that playing college football helped him to lead men in combat.  “The training, the preparation, the practices, and the intensity of the game translated into being a military leader.  It taught me to take one game at a time, which is what I did in Ranger school.  Just as I had to coordinate and time a pass, in battle I used those skills when leading my men on an ambush of insurgents.  Like a QB who depends on his offensive linemen I could never give enough credit to my buddies who I fought with. I will never forget one in particular, who paid the ultimate sacrifice, Kristoffer B. Domeji.”
Those fighting today are the true heroes of American society.  Men like Brian Stann and Chad Jenkins embody that word.  As the book describes they are the real “All Americans.” They are the role models that should be looked up to and admired for their sacrifice.
- See more at:

Sunday, November 10, 2013

MARINE CORPS-238 years Today November 10, 2013!!

Shores of Tripoli- --one of the first assignments for the new Marine Corps-  Jefferson sent the new Marine Corps  out to set down the Barbary Pirates (muslims).. The Barbaries  were demanding 20 % of the new U S GDP as tribute to not attack our ships and take US citizens hostage--

One of my first posts
I have posted many since!

CHRISTIAN Chaplains Suing Veterans Affairs Secretary - Shinseki- for Harrassment- I Say GOOD On Them-My Sunday Faith Blog

"According to their lawsuit, Firtko and Klender allege the Center’s supervisor, Ms. Nancy Dietsch, a VA employee, derided them in classrooms and even had one of them dismissed for failing to renounce his Christian beliefs."

CHRISTIANS willing to stand and risk their future military involvement--for their Faith--
I believe there  is or will be a donation link to help them---

Friday, November 8, 2013

List of Survival Gear-Don't Know Why I Am Posting This Today-But>>>

UPDATED:  67 Items! Every survivalist message board and prepper blog tells you to stock the same things; weapons, water, food basics, etc. So, I went looking for a list of things that you should be stocking, but probably aren’t. Everything on the list will make your life many times easier after the SHTF, especially in a Bugging-In scenario.
1. Toothpaste and Toothbrushes
2. Gun Cleaning Supplies -cotton pads, Hoppe’s, Rem Oil, etc
3. Duct Tape
4. Cooking Oil
5. Shampoo
6. Deodorant
7. Laundry Detergent
8. Books or other reading for enjoyment materials
9. WD-40
10. Sewing Supplies
11. Bolts, Nails Screws
12. Games
13. Paper and Pencils
14. Spare Parts for any and all gear
15. Musical Instruments
16. Lantern Mantles
17. Hand Tools
18. Broken window fix/replacement/cover (plywood or plastic panes)
19. Bleach
20. Household Cleaning Supplies
21. Sponges
22. Towels and Wash clothes
23. Gold Bond or Baby Power
24. Baby Supplies – diapers etc
25. Aloe
26. Sunscreen
27. Bug Spray (wearing kind)
28. Bug Spray (killing kind)
29. Comfort Foods – for morale
30. Chains and Locks
31. Isoprophyl (rubbing) alcohol
32. Mouse Traps
33. Lamp Wicks – for Oil and Alcohol Lamps
34. Lice Shampoo
35. Salt
35. Liquor
37. Glasses – Prescription and OTC
38. Alcohol Wipes
39. Eyedrops
40. Pet Food
41. Fertilizer
42. Coolers
43. Buckets
44. Clothes Pins
45. Childrens clothes in sizes larger than they wear
46. Superglue
47. Wash board
48. Spray paint in black, white, green, brown and black.
49. Zippers, buttons, snaps, knee patches, velcro
50. Patches for tents and tarps
51. Garbage bags
52. Lime
53. Charcoal/lighter fluid
54. Birth control
55. Vitamins
56. Razor blades
57. Saw blades
58. Garden tools
59. Spark plugs
60. Motor oil
61. Manuel Air/Tire pump
62. Bird seed to attract wild birds (food source)
63. Fire extinguishers
64. Wire
65. Q-tips
66. Cotton balls
67. Corn Starch
68. Thermal Wear
6 Tools

Survival Gear Duct Tape1. Duct Tape

The fame of duct tape has taken on a life of it’s own. What can you even say about it? (or it’s big brother Gorilla Tape, from the folks that brought you Gorilla Glue)

Survival Gear Zip Ties2. Zip Ties

From handcuffs to lashings and a thousand other ways to tie stuff together, you should have a stockpile of zip ties in every shape and size.

Survival Gear WD-403. WD40

“If it moves and it shouldn’t; use Duct Tape.  If it should move and it doesn’t; use WD40″

4. Rope

Survival Gear RopeFor those larger jobs that zip ties and duct tape just aren’t going to handle good rope is endlessly useful.

5. Knife

A knife is the bread and butter (pun intended) of every survival tool kit. You really should have one on your person at all times.  For a list of good survival knives click here.

6. Pry Bar

Stanley Fuctional Utility Baror Utility Bar. You can pry, hammer, lift, smash, and just generally mess stuff up. (I need to do a full write up on the Stanley Functional Utility Bar or “FUBAR”)

What Else?

Thursday, November 7, 2013

CMA-Brad and Carrie-Taking Down Obama Care-Love It --

BTW- saw Keith Urban's face- He may have come off of my favorites list )-:

For all of you Constitutional Patriots-This is for you !! (-:

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Photos of the 9 Military Officers Fired by bho Regime-

Thanks Joe Miller for the up-date to add to the 9 pictured below-
one more-
I have been warning you all - the BEST who honor their Oath - Which Does NOT include the word PRESIDENT - are being "fired" -197 so far>>>>>The Officer Oath does include the word>>CONSTITUTION -

Photos from bennswann
Brigadier General Bryan Roberts
Brigadier General Bryan Roberts
Brig Gen Bryan Wampler & CS Maj Don B Jordan
Brig Gen Bryan Wampler
& CS Maj Don B Jordan
Commander General Carter F. Ham
General Carter F. Ham
Rear Admiral Charles Gaouette
Rear Admiral Charles Gaouette
Major General Ralph Baker
Major General Ralph Baker
Major General Gregg A. Sturdevant
Major General Gregg A. Sturdevant
Major General C.M.M. Gurganus
Major General C.M.M. Gurganus
Lt. General David H. Huntoon, Jr
Lt. General David H. Huntoo

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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Why 197 Military OFFICERS Purged By bho Regime ? Officer Oath Does NOT Include President>
The officer oath does NOT include the word – President-
The enlisted oath does include the word-President-
Thus – honorable officers who believe in their oath – must be drummed out by this tyrannous regime–
Be ready my friends–IT is coming!
I have written on this many times-here is just one>

A REAL OFFICER With HONOR:If you Read nothing else - Please Read about Gen Stubillebine!

Monday, October 28, 2013

JERICHO-Based on this Dog Fight scene- I will be looking for the entire series -Net Flix-

and-Remember Gen McAuliffe sending his message  "NUTS" when the Germans demanded his surrender?
 It was used in the series too! NUTS!

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Living Piano-Le Piano Vivant--Classically Trained Singers- SMILE TIME

I love it when classically trained artists have fun!!- With Their ART Form...

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Paul Ryan-A Turn Coat- Is Co -Writing Bill to "legalize" ILLEGALS!! & Joe Miller is Running For Office-West Point Grad!!

 My comment at Joe Miller's post :
 Carol-Christian Soldier>>>
Hate to say I Told You So--
There is no difference between the Rs and the Ds--
Except for a few - a very few -
They Turn Their Coats when offered $$$ and power--
Benedict Arnold comes to mind-- his plaque at West Point -in the Old Chapel - was erased-not removed- ERASED!!!
Time to erase the R Party and est. A Constitution Party...
BTW- Joe Miller - will be posting your run -
Joe Miller-West Point Grad-Vet - and more:

Friday, October 25, 2013

WOW - Hollywood and Entrenched D s Say -STOP WATCHING US -Powerful Video --

When Conyers ( entrenched Mich.  Dem. Congressman  ) and Hollywood movers and shakers  come down on the regime- we know we are in trouble- if they see what we have been seeing enfold --We Were Right!

AND St.Crispin's Day:

Thursday, October 24, 2013

DRINKS AFTER WORK-Time to Chill-Toby Keith

I love Toby Keith - because he honors our BEST- so - decided to post this for you all--

OK K K K (-: :-)-AMERICAN SOLDIER>>>-I had to ADD!! this>>

FAKE FAINTS For bho and MARINE Stands Tall-Calls Mc Cain a Traitor- & Girly Hats for Marines

 My friends- I have found a new site--I know that most do not read via links-
These two are very telling and I encourage you to at least view the videos on these links--

BTW- the recent FAINTING scene -(woman in red dress) during bho's  speech is fake - and bho copied hillary clinton who had several audience fainting scenes herself-

 A BRAVE MARINE Stands Tall:

Bonus-SARC- Girly Hats for Marines:

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Ted CRUZ-Senator from Texas- got a 15 Minute Standing Ovation

The RINO Republican elites like mc cain- mc connell- grahmnestsy-(OK the list is long) --Must be shaking in their boots--
The elites tried to marginalize a true Constitution lover -- Cruz--they forgot - the blog world is now here to truth tell-

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Know Your Enemy - LUCIFER - bho fits the profile

You may want to know that I drew the illustration of bho (on scroll roll) in 2007--I saw what he was via a real time photo on a major blog's roll and quickly drew my version--Am I a Prophet or What!!!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Robert E. Lee- Oct 14 2013 - 134 rd Anniversary of His Death

My take-He was top of his class at West Point and Superintendent of West Point- Served the U S for many years - When the Civil War broke out--he chose to serve via his home state as commander of the Confederate Army--

this article from Canada Free Press is a must read-

first paragraph of the article:
The United States flag flew at half-mast when Robert E. Lee died!
Lee Chapel at Washington and Lee University is the site of annual programs paying tribute to Robert Edward Lee. On Monday, October 14, 2013, a program commemorating the Washington College presidency of Robert E. Lee on the 143rd anniversary of his death will feature War Between the States historian, Frank O’Reilly. The lecture entitled “Adapt, Improvise, and Overcome: Robert E. Lee’s Greatest Victory at Chancellorsville” will begin at 12:15 p.m.

ASIDE- after studying HIStory - such as -- Lincoln's un- Constitutional  actions- state's rights over Fed.--the fact that slavery was in the Northern states as well as Southern--
and the over bearing Federal Government of many regimes even before  bho's--
I think I would have joined the Confederacy--because - I believe Now- that the Civil War was not just about slavery but about $$$ and Power--and an over bearing Central government.

Off thread but pertinent to my takes -
I left this comment at another site--

As you know - I had thought of giving up on my blog- then decided to go back to my original intent which is -art- music- horses - poetry and our BEST -
and intermingle those w/ the crap going on in this Republic--
I do not have a lot of commenters-
I am told that most people do not follow my thought pattern - nor my brevity-
Oh Well-
I do not suffer fools gladly- so- I don't care --
and the blog helps me relieve the roil--

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Folds of Honor-Patriot Golf Day (Labor Day Weekend)

Last year my Club members did not know what the Folds meant - so- I did a rough draft explaining the Folds- and my friend turned it into a beautiful bulletin- We added the photo of a child accepting the Folds from his Father's casket--that did it!!
As Soon As the Members knew what Patriot Golf Day and the Folds meant- they gave- in just 3 days- $1200 ..
This year- $3100!!
FOLDS OF HONOR FOUNDATION -Site - Read the incident that prompted  Maj Rooney (F-16 Pilot) to start the Folds of Honor to honor our fallen and give aide to the children of our fallen...
This video is also from the FoH site... - the Boy Behind the Iconic Photo-that I used to illustrate to my friends what the Folds Of Honor foundation means to the children of our fallen--

Just found this older  post from Black Five-

Friday, October 4, 2013

TRUE ARTIST-Jon McNaughton-He Boldly Stands for Christ and For This Republic

 I have followed his art for quite some time- as a classically trained artist myself-it is a joy to 'know' him.-
As with the great artists 'of old' - Goya- Michelangelo-and et al- he uses his God given talent to reveal the TRUTH and the Light and to shed LIGHT on the Dark Side--
Tell me what you think of his artful Truth Telling>>>

Go to his site- it will bring a smile :
I Thank "DARIN" whose comment at Crusader Rabbit's site  "reminded" me of  McNaughton-

Will You Stand For Christ when all others remain silent?

From his site-One Nation Under Socialism-

BTW-today Oct 4 - is my Birthday--this post is a Birthday Present to myself (-:

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Levin - WWII Memorial Challenge- and the WW I Vet betrayal-By Officers --Who Did Not Adhere To Their Oath-BONUS ARMY -

 This Post is in two parts- LEVIN Challenge AND- BETRAYAL OF WW I by Pres hoover --
Army Officers trained at West Point - betrayed the WW I veterans- and fired upon them--\
AGAIN- the Officer's Oath Does NOT include the word President--and- Firing upon citizens - esp Veterans of WW I --
Well- learning this has made me lose the esteem I had for the three-"officers"-mac arthur-eisenhower-patton--

THANK YOU for the link explaining the Bonus Army-

My Comment At Crusader Rabbit-
Looks like the officers mac arthur -eisenhower -patton did not take their oath seriously- officer oath does NOT include the word President!!
My esteem for the three is no longer!!
Why Do I have to go to my Aussie-NZ sites to get Truth?

Thank you - too- Rabbit - for the Levin link!! He is the only one in the media whom I really trust!!
BONUS ARMY-comment at the above-

I' ll clarify this post at a later time- right now - I have to sort the betrayals- 

Monday, September 30, 2013

Rafael CRUZ-Recognizes Tyranny Because He Lived in Tyrannous Cuba!!-Ted Cruz's Father Speaks!!!

And sees bho touting the same "program" as Castro---

POWERFUL - This Man LOVES the CONSTITUTION and the DECLARATION - and knows the HIStorical roots (BIBLE) from which they came!!!
He is a Christian (Baptist) >>>

My Take- when one has lived with and seen communist socialism- one recognizes the tyrannous doctrine coming from others--(bho and et al) >>>>>
GREAT VIDEO - embed blocked--

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Senator CRUZ - You Deserve a SALUTE!! Filibuster Over - Now the Liars Begin- Again- reid- mc cain- and et al-

I stayed up late ( or early in the morning) to listen to a true Patriot hold the floor of the Senate--and I saw the last hour live--Recorded the session from 12:30 AM on - and will be viewing it today !
Senator C  R  U  Z  - I salute you!!

up-date- WOW-Rush and Sen Cruz--a must visit!!
a titillateor-from the broadcast :
"...the American people rose up in enormous numbers, and so what I would say is, "Listen, at this stage in the fight, the fight is in the people's hands," and if we want to change Washington and get Republicans to listen, get Democrats to listen, what has to happen is I would urge every one of your listeners to go to to sign the national petition, number one.  Number two, to pick up the phone, call their senators and tell them, "Vote 'no' on cloture; stand strong on defunding Obamacare."
 A N D- Sen Cruz mentioned reading a speech by Rush's father- __The Americans Who Risked Everything_

Monday, September 23, 2013

Awesome Video-Topic--JOBS back to U S --

My take- ALSO--Vote out anti- US Politicians--
mc cain- bho-pelosie-boenher---well- the list is Loooooong!!
and BUY U S made products--

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Comments at Gateway Post of Muslim Attack at Mall (adding Navy Yard-Benghazi - like Cover up!!) are More Informative Than the Post!!

Read all of the comments --Most are based on History and some have video back up-
I am reminded of my  experience  after 9-11-2001- muslims were 'celebrating ' here in CA in many of the mid-Eastern establishments along Ventura Blvd--
That is when I fully realized that there were NO MODERATE muslims!!

BBC is giving better Information than our regime held media-  DC Swat Team ORDERED NOT TO NEUTRALIZE Navy Yard Shooter--HMMMMM--Sounds like BENGHAZI like COVER-UP!!!

and-US Military to Hijack AM- FM radio waves--

Friday, September 20, 2013

Movie of the Week--Artist or Lover of the Arts- Enjoy-

Time for me to search further into my Dutch roots-
If you love art or are an artist- you will enjoy this movie :

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Capt William Swenson to be Given Medal of Honor -Finally-original papers "lost" ! R I G H T - SARC

Capt William Swenson - MoH- Finally- His original papers were "lost" after he criticized brass-

Rep Duncan Hunter - former Marine- Came forth and got the ball "rolling" for Capt Swenson's MoH- Thank You Congressman Hunter-

Ceremony photos- 


Does Boehner = (Equal) Benghanzi ? Is He Hiding Something!?

This Article leads me to believe that Boehner is a TRAITOR!!
and-BTW- :
"...Christians in Syria fear the overthrow of the Assad regime."

 Is Boehner hiding Knowledge  of secret arms deals  w/ al quaeda ? He is part of the Gang Of Eight you know!!
from the article :
"Retired Major General Paul E. Vallely told this writer in an interview that he hopes that Boehner “hasn’t been compromised in some way” by the Obama administration because of his reported knowledge of arms transfers through Benghazi."

Monday, September 16, 2013

Our BEST Are Looking Out for us in the US--Chinook Over Colorado

While praying for a family who are in the midst of this Colorado situation- and their friend  - Matt - who has not been heard from --I 'accidentally' ran across this  site and video of our BEST performing  rescue missions -
It then occurred to me-
What if Matt were spotted by our BEST in a Chinook--This 'accidental' find would REALLY be God smiling-

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

9-11- 2013 -Million Biker Ride -Washington DC--/ Counters muslim march in DC!!-and something for your listening enjoyment-

Million Bikers in DC- were not given a non- stop permit-
Guess what-they are riding anyway--and will be obeying all stop signs--etc--
Take that you pointy headed bureaucrat-who would not issue the permit--hope you lose your job!!

As to the million muslim march on DC  for 9 -11 -2013 --they were given a permit-
You all do not want to get me started!! GRRRRR

and for your Patriotiic listening enjoyment-h/t Crusader Rabbit-our Aussie/NZ friend--

Screw You Kenyan-c/o/Crusader Rabbit-

Photos to illustrate why I will never forget nor forgive-

l. the terrorists were funded by Saudi $$- why did we not bomb Saudi Arabia?
2. the terrorists came out of a 'mosque' -'training camp' in Hamburg Germany- why is the Hamburg mosque still standing?
3. remember- Hitler used Islamist from Bosnia for the prototype of his SS-do some Germans still follow that trend?
4. a Saudi 'princess' was visiting  the Bush family complex on 9-11-2001 - her private  jet was the only aircraft 'allowed' to fly that day- why?

I won't get into a US mosque trained - Hassan- or Benghazi or/and et al today--

UP DATE_the remaining 12  search and rescue dogs  are pictured here-look at their eyes--Let us not forget them-or those other brave dogs who have now gone to heaven-
video of the hero dogs on 9-11

Monday, September 9, 2013

Hachiko- Loyalty & Honor-- Rare Attributes In Our World Today--

My thanks - again - to Jerry Beuterbaugh-he recommended my site as a "Site to See" and I - of course added his site to my roll --
This movie is a treasure and is from J B's site-a site that I now go  to everyday...

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

For your reading enjoyment- or - not- & NO ON SYRIA !!

Found a new site:

and- these will probably make you mad-what can I say--

DoD -Washington was an extremist-
President George Washington stated as a warning to the new Republic of the US--
"Stay out of the affairs of Europe."  
My Take for these days--
he would have also stated  'Stay out of the affairs of the middle East.' 
We are NOT THE WORLD's police nor are we to "discipline" any other country-we are not their  MaMa or PaPa!!-hear that billy o'reilly!! 
BILLY's "DISCIPLINE" rant here:

Why are we still in the Mid East- Remember Benghazi-

My comment at Crusader Rabbit-
We are not nor should we ever have been the "world's" police!
quote from Pres. Washington from my most recent post--
President George Washington stated as a warning to the new Republic of the US--
"Stay out of the affairs of Europe." 
My Take for these days--
He would have also stated  'Stay out of the affairs of the middle East.'
We are NOT THE WORLD's police nor are we to "discipline" any other country-we are not their  MaMa or PaPa!!-hear that billy o'reilly!!  

We did do battle in the mid East against the Barbary Pirates who were demanding tribute of 20% of the US --GNP--Jefferson finally got fed up and sent the new Marines---"Shores of Tripoli"  anyone!!

That ACTION stopped muslims of Barbary--then we left -Madison had to send a reminder - but it was quick and decisive--We in the US did not stay --we did not have to --AND it was in our NATIONAL INTEREST--
syria and et al are NOT in our NATIONAL INTEREST!!
BRING THEM HOME - our BEST can manage our own borders- !!

Enough said!!!
Remember Benghazi-Sept 11-2001-Ft Hood- and et al--

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Boondock Saints-Vigilantes or Patriots- You Decide -Video Trailer-

 If the Founders were meeting today they would be labeled --'vigilantes' --because the media and the progressives follow Alinsky's RULES--(my side roll-check out Alinsky's Rules and figure out which RULE)
AHHH the IRISH!!--This Irish/Viking identifies w/ them--My Bad!!
Just viewed this movie again--about Christians who are taking action against tyranny in their neighborhood--Vigilantes or Patriots--

You may enjoy this deleted - totally  un-PC scene-

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Romantiques - Back to the Future-Memories -
Memories of quieter  times--Romance in Black and White-not the porno "romance' the we see today-and Greensleves-28.38 -This This Is Christ the King-tending the Sheep -
Were things really better back then- there was still war- sex outside of marriage-brutality-but- there was still an open call for civility-chastity-honor---

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Christian Music to Warm Your Heart and Soothe Your Soul--KING OF KINGS-LORD OF LORDS

I love classical music performed by classically trained artists- and- I also love Christian music -with a beat - also performed by artists who have a classically trained background-
Notice- they all have passion for their art and--they have fun with their art !!!
ENJOY - If you are in a hurry-skip to 33.0 time-KING OF KINGS-LORD OF LORDS!!!
I'm not giving up !!>>>>We are supported by and SAVED BY GRACE by  the ROCK -JESUS the CHRIST!>>

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Duck Dynasty Star -Rails Against Abortion-The D D Now Has Me As A FAN--GOD GUNS FAMILY

Based on seeing this video - I watched duck Dynasty last night- The D D has a new FAN-that FAN is ME!!--
Christians / Family/ successful business family/ give HONOR  to their WIVES /

This is what got me started- thank you J. & K Miller!:

DD stood up against tyranny-A&E threatened to cut them if they did not stop praying-using guns and et al--DD said - if we cannot pray and use guns we will not do the show--

DD Star Eyed for R spot on ballot:

DD Hits the Road for FAITH

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Australian Student in OK -Murdered for the 'Fun of It'--Any Bets As to Race?/Religion? of Perps.

 Welcome to America - SARC>>>6 questions>>>What  race-religion-non religion- atheist- followers of the present US regime --
What would b. Hussein Obama say?!! Would bho  be OUTRAGED ?--don't think so!

UP-DATE:Perps are "Feral Baboons" -not my words- but they fit-
-they are Black-(victims)-thanks Darin via Crusader Rabbit for this up date and the great description of the murderers--
  • chris_lane.jpg
    In this undated photo provided by the Essendon Baseball Club, player Chris Lane wears his baseball equipment, in Australia. (AP/Essendon Baseball Club)

Read more:

Gateway posted about this murder after I did - this is my comment there:

Don't forget the word 'VICTIMS' w/ the word black--
Be ready - the black murderers will not be blamed--
The guns that they used will be the target of the MSM--
The evil guns did the murdering of Chris Lane--