Friday, December 13, 2013

Boehner is a Traitor to the Constitutional Principals-No More Vote For The LOTE!!-Go Get Them -- Lee - Cruz-Palin
Same old - same Old- RINO Rs continue the LOTE scenerio-
LOTE-Lesser of Two Evils- we must get any republican in no matter what that republican  stands for-
I am a Recovering Republican - How about a CONSTITUTIONAL PARTY--


William Stout said...

I believe that the Republican Party has lost itself. It is rife with progressives and leftist operatives. They attack conservatism in general and the TEA Party in particular. Frankly, I even doubt that had it existed during the days of the Sons of Liberty, it likely would have branded them terrorists. I no longer donate to the Republican Party and I shall not do so again until they remember their roots.

christian soldier said...

W-I am a r no more--worked so hard for the party at one time - and for individual candidates-
Constitution Party-