Thursday, December 5, 2013

President George W. Bush Visited the Hospitalized Wounded at Ft Hood -B Hussein O Did Not--

As you all know- I do not trust anyone in Washington or the GOP-but- this story shows me that Pres Bush is a truly honoraable man - Fanfare means little to him--
GWB actually got in his car - w/o escort- drove to Ft Hood-and visited the wounded in the hospital- (til bho ordered him to leave-)
bho flew to Ft Hood days later for a photo shoot -  & did not visit the wounded in the hospital-
 b hussein obama-is all about "LOOK AT ME" and has no honor-(my take)
Thank you commoncents-

BTW- I no longer trust snopes-& factcheck is still on the table--


TS/WS said...

Nelson Mandela is a man for the times, B O says, in a tweet and then tweeted a picture of himself.

christian soldier said...

TS-mandela and bho- cut from the same cloth-