Saturday, December 21, 2013

U.S> BEST >Aircraft Shot Down in Sudan-4 Injured>>Follow the Money-&-60,000 sq. ft. Mansion -Bel Air - CA--

After reading the article - w./ my  "follow the $$$" point of view--I know why our BEST are being sacrificed via UN - other $$$ folks>>>>OIL-
At least bho sent aid to evacuate our embassy-unlike his lack of aid to our consulate in Benghazi--
a couple of excerpts from article:
"An International Crisis Group expert on South Sudan told The Associated Press on Friday that rebels have taken control of at least some of South Sudan's oil fields, an issue that could bring Sudan into the conflict. South Sudan's oil flows north through Sudan's pipelines, providing Khartoum with much needed income."
"U.S. President Barack Obama earlier this week dispatched U.S. troops to help protect the U.S. Embassy in the capital, Juba."

AND-60,000 sq ft Mansion-and - I found that it is SMALL compared to some in the US!!

I wonder if a big $$$ human is benefiting >> w/ the blood of our BEST>> and the $$$ of US taxpayers-so  a 60,000 sq. ft . mansion could be purchased in Bel Air- CA--
Edited quote from article -about the -- use of another large home in the area:
"..use their Angelo Drive residence to raise money to benefit the environment, UCLA and other causes. In the two years they've occupied the house, with its children's wing and soaring hotel-scale atrium, they have held scores of events. At a November gathering for foster youth, Gov. Jerry Brown and former Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa were among the guests."

Jerry Brown and Villaraigosa-Hmmmm!!! 
You all know I am suspect of liberal - progressives-like Brown and Villaraigosa- wonder if bho was invited--,0,7618132.story#axzz2o4jVD417 

Just a thought!! There seems to LOTS of MONEY for some--but not for our Troops--Hmmmmm

LIST of LARGEST HOMES IN US- some over 100,000 sq ft./one 178,000 sq ft--!! 

Do I mind that folks have the money for such homes- NO- I do not mind--in fact--I have decided that I am thinking too small--
When I have such large sums of $$$ I will be using my house and my jet to benefit our troops and abandoned children and for the PRO-LIFE Charity that I founded!! 


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