Wednesday, December 18, 2013


Benfits for our BEST and their families -CUT- while $$ go to illegals-the mid east-and Congressional Perks-
and- the traitor RINOS who voted for the cuts-shame- mc cain- murkowsky (sp)- and et al--
Thank you ABBA for this-
BTW- Why do our BEST continue to volunteer!!


Mustang said...

I am convinced that it has always been the intention of Obama and his communist enablers, Reid, Pelosi, and the other scum in the Congress, to destroy every one of America’s important institutions: federalism, the courts, religion, marriage, the military. They have even managed to destroy our scouting organizations, and Obama Care is the overriding mechanism to force people to act contrary to their deeply held beliefs. But the crown of thorns is this measure, advocated by Paul Ryan (RINO) and the House of Representatives (RINOS) to penalize our retirees and disabled retirees, allegedly saving $10 billion over ten years, in order to increase spending by five times that much over the same period. Meanwhile, civil service pensions weren’t cut, and neither were those accorded to members of Congress. There is only one rational conclusion to this, and it goes to my opening statement. Obama and others seek to destroy the United States military. It’s part of their plan for a weak, effeminate future for America. I am proud of Sen. Kelly Ayotte for standing up against this, but we all know that the senate will pass this bill. I could not be more disgusted.

Now let me say that I hope all those military veterans who love Obama and his communist plan for America are proud of themselves. They screwed themselves. The numbers of people who fit this description are significant, which is why I no longer patronize the VFW and American Legion; they aid and comfort the enemy.

christian soldier said...

M- thank you for your take- and thank you for the 'heads up' as to the VA and American Legion!!

Z said...

What a song....and what a video.....

Mustang, I had no idea the VFW and Amer. Legion support Obama! What the heck HAPPENED?

Hi, Carol...MERRY Christmas to yoU! xx

christian soldier said...

Z-so glad you stopped by-I go to your site often-

TS/WS said...

Secrecy Not Allowed, Obamo Caught With Hand In Cookie Jar

TS/WS said...

Read my take

Always On Watch said...

Off topic...Please see what I posted yesterday. God bless those who help our troops and our veterans!

christian soldier said...

TS-Thank you so much for the heads up on the judge's ruling--
You know my take- the Rs and Ds are colluding to eradicate the Constitution - the UN is one of the tools!
Get us out of the UN!!

christian soldier said...

AOW-Tear time(-:
Thank you for the heads up on Decorate a Vet-
I did not know that Mr AOW was a vet--
Thank you - MR AOW for your service--
and thank you AOW for yours--
and for sharing photos of you warm and lovely home--