Friday, November 30, 2012

VICTORY in the War on CHRISTMAS-Nativity Will Stay

After four years of litigation by the Thomas More Law Center, John Satawa will once again be able to erect a Nativity display on a public median in Warren, Michigan—a tradition that his family and neighbors have been observing every Christmas since 1945.
 MORE on VICTORY thanks to Thomas More Law !!

If CHRISTians are willing to FIGHT instead of always 'turning the other cheek' - the attacks on CHRISTmas and the attacks on our Sisters and Brothers throughout the world would stop!!

Death of American Religion-Great Article from a brilliant young man!

BONUS for You all- Training for Battle - WEST POINT

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Faith-Family-Friends & Beers go with ______on Thanksgiving

Very Light posting for the next couple weeks-You will enjoy this though_

Have a Grand Thanksgiving- My Friends-
My motto for the rest of this year and for the rest of my life-

I cannot change the world - I can love my Family and Friends!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

I Knew that He Played Golf- the Piano Guy - Chello--the Fact that he jumped out of a perfectly good air plane - Oh Well!!

I love the Piano Guys - classically  trained - they cast off the serious- and have fun with their art!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

When the Eagle Cried-Vietnam Vets -

I warned that I would perform a citizen's arrest on anyone who spit on one of our BEST-I remembered what the leftest 'progressives' did to our BEST after Vietnam! Shame on the '60s-

Do I want our BEST home- esp if the Rules of Engagement now hamper  & endanger them -YES-
Do I blame them for this government's administration of the endless war in the MID - East- NO

and a very moving story of a female soldier of today who gave part of her liver to a Vietnam Vet -
As always w/ our BEST- SHE IS Humble - and chooses to remain anonymous!
Thank you JAWA-

Sam Gordon- 9 Year Old Female Football Star-

If A  Female Horse (Filly) Can beat the 'boys' - why not a Girl (human) beat the boys-

Zenetta-Filly- Beat the Boys-

Monday, November 12, 2012

Yon's and My Take on Petraeus

 I 'smell' a  set up as to  General Petraeus- West Point-honored officer-
I also 'smell' something funny about the 'shack babe' Broadwell -West Point -
I'll keep investigating this incident because I feel it has to do with huge cover-ups by the communist in chief and the long term elites from both parties --and Benghazi too--
I remember - way back when- reading about the generosity of Petraeus to young soldier who accidentally shot him - and yet- Petraeus - instead of retribution- sent the young soldier to Ranger School:

This is Micael Yon's take on the Petraeus 'affair':and a quote from his article:
"During 2007, at the peak of the Iraq war, an infantry lieutenant colonel told me about the time that Colonel Petraeus was shot during training.  A Soldier accidentally put a bullet straight through Petraeus’s chest.  Blood and lungs were coming from his mouth.  Petraeus nearly died.
Normally a mistake like this might end the career of the Soldier who fired the shot, and it might adversely affect the career of his commanding officer.  Instead, Colonel Petraeus survived and he sent the young Soldier to Ranger school. It was the young commander, now older, who told me the story in Iraq. His man fired the shot that almost killed Petraeus.   If Petraeus had kicked the young officer out of the Army, it would have been our loss. Instead, Petraeus took a bullet to the chest and he turned it into a teachable moment.  That is David Petraeus." 

UPDATE w/many video and commentary links:

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Friday, November 9, 2012

Military Personnel Forced to Submit to Injections

I had heard this 9 years ago from a source close to me - dangerous vaccines were forced upon our military personnel  -I am glad he left early--some inoculations are dangerous-

Take the flu vaccine- I have a friend who lost the hearing in her ear because of that vaccine!

Look at the video - a vet is concerned about the current use of the military:
Combat Vet Has Had Enough : 

The comments from military personnel are more 'telling' thatn the actual article:

BTW- I am taking a few days off--to sort things out--to concentrate on my art - writing --music-sorting old stuff to get rid of!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

No Difference Between the Rs and the Ds& CHRISTIANS Stand UP

There has been no difference between the parties in years– and years–
Saw that as a young volunteer- when the R elites ‘gave’ us in CA a man named HUFFINGTON when our Congressman Dannemeyer was winning–
many veteran volunteers stopped volunteering and voted for the D- Feinstein-saying-she would be better than HUFFINGTON…

you all recognize the name HUFFINGTON – the X of Arianna  Huffington of the Huffinton Post…That Huffington!
thanks R elites – for all you have done for our great Republic SARC..

Like the Black Robed Pastors of the Revolution (the BLACK REGIMENT)  -

The “Black Regiment” (Pastors who signed the Declaration in 1776) believed that God was in control and also believed that GOD gave us control here on earth- NO WHIMPS THEY!!
We in the US have lost the HIStory of this great Republic–
“Occupy til I come.” Lk 19- Christ’s (thus God’s ) COMMAND to us–all Christians-

You will love this HISTorical overview of Muelenerg -Hertiage of the FoundingFathers...
John Peter Gabriel Muhlenberg was an American clergyman, Continental Army soldier during the American Revolutionary War, and political figure in the newly-independent United States. Wikipedia
Born: October 1, 1746
Died: October 1, 1807

BTW-We must get our education system back!
if John Dewey and his communist ‘friends’ can sit at a coffee shop at the turn of the last century (1900- that turn )-: and write-state aloud- and follow through with a plan to overtake the excellent Ed System of the US – and they did – while our families ‘slept’ –We-too- can write -coalesce-state-and follow through w a plan to stop the dumbing down of our youth!!
 and return LATIN to our Ed System-70% of the English language has a Latin base-
and the Latin meaning for right is beneficium..

Sunday, November 4, 2012

ART and MUSIC - To The ARTS !!!

Don't Only Practice Your Art-
But, Force Your Way Into Its Secrets
For It and Knowledge Can Raise Men To The Devine-

Ludwig van Beethoven

Enjoy - My Friends:Notice how many young people are in the orchestra!

When we take our education system back- music and art will be added first- and with those- Reading- Writing and Arithmetic will come more smoothly to the students-
During my tenure of teaching- I taught art and music to K- 6 - the supposed 'hyperactive' (now it's called ADD) students were NOT hyperactive in my classes!
The Piano Guys -made this video on this post and the one I posted below-link in red-
Did You Know That Five Guys Can Play The Piano!
Look how many young people are at Jon's Concert--Excellence and Passion  will draw and audience..

Friday, November 2, 2012

On ABORTION - No Separation!

The Founders never intended the Christian percepts to be expunged from the administration of the Constitution that runs our Republic- in fact- the words Separation of Church and State were coined by Jefferson and sent to the Danbury Baptists to assure them that there would be NO STATE RUN/FINANCED CHURCHES/ in other words - the government would NOT INTERFERE with the CHURCH!!!
The progressive/communist / marxists- took the words and twisted them- as they always do...
ABORTION is the MURDER of an INNOCENT HUMAN-and thus it is the CHURCH"S obligation to STAND AGAINST such a 'practice' 
If you need a larger version- click on  image:

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Ranking Officers' Endorsements-Guess Who the Dems Are

 Thank you Special Operations for America!!!

for bho-recognize these:!!!
General Wesley Clark, USA, (Ret)
General Colin Powell, USA (Ret)
there are only 3 others : - ) SARC

The LIST IS LONG for those Officers Supporting Mitt Romney- bigger  (-: