Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Christians W/No Guns Slaugtered By Muslims Allowed to Have Guns Hmmmmm

“Christians are fleeing the town because we have no guns to fight back,” said one woman in a group of six Christians trying to leave Barkin Ladi. “Muslims have guns, and they have their soldiers fighting for them, so we have no choice but to leave town.”
Read more via link:

My take-since the beginning of time-tyrants of any type - wrest the ability of those-- they wish to dominate - to defend themselves-
check out I Samuel 13-19-
No Blacksmiths (Smiths) at all in the land of Israel...the Philistines were afraid that they would make SWORDS and SPEARS (WEAPONS) for the Hebrews ..

My Christian Sisters and Brothers-WAKE UP--Gun Control is a ruse to render us in the US -defenseless!!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

BEAM of Light on Fallen Soldier's Dog-Send Me to No Heaven That Does Not Have Horses-Dogs-Cats!!!

Sunday Faith post early-For those who believe there is a heaven /for those who don't---
BTW-I had an argument w/ a Lutheran Pastor-
He stated to my son's Sunday School class (son was 8 at the time) that there were no animals in heaven - son cried-when he came home and told me:
"Mom-pastor says Daphne will not go to heaven."
"Oh-really!!" I said - " He and I will have talk!"
My comment to the 'good' pastor-
"IF HEAVEN is a better Place-it will have dogs-horses-cats-and all other animals!"
"If it does not-I do not want to go there!!!"
This is an NON shopped photo of the dog of one of our fallen BEST-taken just after his mother asked a certain question:
abc hero wardog ll 111122 wblog Not Photoshopped: Beam of Light Shines on Fallen Soldiers Miracle Dog
You all-check the link to read the question - and to check out the lead up and the end result - you will love it ..
h/t drudge report

Friday, November 25, 2011

M-14 Coming Out of Storage-Long Range-RE: SNIPER : - )

You will enjoy this - all of you who BELIEVE in the Second Amendment ---
Our military 'retired' the M-14-
M14 afmil.jpg

Cadets at WP used to carry them -until it was 'retired' and they were switched to the M-16-
Well- the wonderful M-14 is being retrofitted and is being utilized by our 'long range' shooters in Afghanistan--too COOL-
RE:'long range sometimes ==== SNIPER !!!
Link to My 2008 Ode to the Second Amendment-by Carol
The Right To Bear Arms

I am moved
To remind...THAT
Every tyrant from
The beginning of time
Has ITS eye on
What's yours and mine.

All tyrants come from
The league of men.
For control of others
The laws they bend.

The only way we can survive
Is to exercise
Our covenant
With any government...
Amendment II
The Right of Arms to Bear.

Until He comes AGAIN
Making All Hearts Pure...

If it is Peace
You seek...

You must PREPARE for WAR!!!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Freedom Under Fire-My Thought

History always repeats itself-
History ignored is History repeated-
Tyrannous historical events always come again if we are not willing to fight for freedom!

Thought for the Future of Freedom --from my post written 2008-


Is the PAST

Not dealt with.

My poem from 2008
We Christians had better WAKE UP!!
The Pentagon forced an Army post in Afghanistan to remove a cross on its worship tent. It’s offensive to liberal atheists.
my comment at GW-
and we CHRISTIANS are doing WHAT about IT!~!!!!
NADA-why am I not surprised...
the__ DoD also burned our Soldiers BIBLES __(link)- NO CHRISTIAN out rage on that either!
Gateway Pundit


Monday, November 21, 2011

Original Intent-

My original intent for my blog was to write poetry and some prose to express my thoughts on freedom-family-country-

I wish to put my two books together-and self publish--

The first has been in my computer files for 4+ years- IT is about the arts being taken out of our schools and the ADD-(hyperactive) children who need the arts - being given drugs instead--
I have all of the illustrations and text for my personal book-_Random Thoughts of Carol_--they have been sitting-waiting for 2 years!!
It is time-
SO-I will be posting-but w/ original intent...and will link important news info from other sites - if I feel it necessary ..
It is time-
I leave you - today- with one of my very first posts!
Hugs to all of you...

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Scotty McCreery-Letters From Home

Long Black Train


Don't Mess W/Mothers-Penn State Cover-Up!-Mothers of Child Victims Coming Forward
other victims of sandusky-penn state-are coming forward:
Bob Costas interview w/ sandusky:video -h/t threedonia
my comment to 'lawyer speak"at threedonia
C-Christian Soldier

Colored Only Drinking Fountains-NY College -Harvard-GATES-Raaaacist...

Raaaaacist- I have been stating that the only raaaacists I know are people 'of color' who have a vested interest in keeping people 'victims' and or fighting each other...
My links:
Who Wins By Keeping the Racial Divide
White Child Beaten By Blacks -Nothing Done about it-Rev Manning's take-white Parents are not going to put up w/ it very much longer...
GATES-bho's Harvard Prof. Friend-remember the beer on the WH lawn!
White Fire Fighters-Reverse Raaacism-they won suit
I Thought I Was Prepared For Pure HATE-
I have many more -but- must run!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Monday, November 14, 2011

Ground Zero SCULPTURE of NEW HORSE SOLDIERS-to Honor ...

those Soldiers first into Afghanistan (roads were so bad - only horses could get our BEST to the enemy)--
I am reading _Horses Soldiers_ by Doug Stanton--
h/t to the video- Threedonia-go there-there is a fabulous photo of the sculpture--
and-because I am a sculptor- I can testify that it is truly a work of art!!!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Faith Post - Cross -Marines-Camp Pendleton-

A Fire Resistant Cross was carried to a High Spot at Camp Pendleton - the original (carried by 7 other Marines-Four KIA) was burned --

Cross erected at Camp Pendleton

Thank you LA Times-

Friday, November 11, 2011

US Flag Too Dangerous for Students They Lose Suit for Free Speech -
Our Veterans served and some died or were injured defending the Constitution...CA Schools wrest the rights of students to wear the US Flag--
up-date-Spread Eagle has a great Levin video on this same issue--

Veterans' Day-November 11, 2011 Thank You !

To our BEST!-
We Thank YOU!
Army-Navy-Marines-Coast Guard-Merchant Marines!!!!

As to bho being late to Arlington Ceremony-to lay the wreath--he has no honor-and I have no respect for him!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

WED.-UP DATE-Posecutor in Case Mysteriously Disappeared...-Peterno -and "Friends" -SLEEEEAZE+No on Santorum...

COVER -UP on the part of all of the 'ruling' class at Penn State!
UP-DATE-heard that the Prosecutor in the case "mysteriously" disappeared-found dead-2009 or???
Any-one heard any more on this? _I say-"Follow the MONEY'-large donor..???!!!!

h/t Malkin-about Santorum:
Now I read that Rick Santorum (Penn State )- is sick to his stomach- cannot answer questions about his beloved Alma matter ....Get a spine - Rick---and you want to be President!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Is Freedom in the US a Myth-

Before you watch the video-look at the greatness of the US via-Woodpile and THEN watch the video...
I'm taking a bit of 'time off' so-' cheated' by giving you a great site to read and smile---
Now: watch - Is Freedom a Myth..

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Friday, November 4, 2011

Romney - Pro Abortion-NO on Romney

by his own words...
quote from WP:

"He would be a “good voice in the party” for their cause, and his moderation on the issue would be “widely written about,” he said, according to detailed notes taken by an officer of the group, NARAL Pro-Choice Massachusetts.

“You need someone like me in Washington,” several participants recalled Romney saying that day in September 2002, an apparent reference to his future ambitions."

My Take:
No More R Elites who lie as well as the Ds-
NO Vote for the L O T E (Lesser of Two Evils) (copy write-Carol - CS)
my thanks to Veith at Cranach (on my roll).

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Army/Navy Game Dec. 10-Go Army-Beat Navy

this is a little tittle--ator : - ) that I found: the Black Knights..Duty Honor Country...

OK-link to the NAVY video...

Children of ILLEGALS Sue for FREE Education-&- DHS Takes Over TV Screens at Hotels--

My Child had to pay full rate....Children (born in the US ) of illegals feel deprived that they have to pay for their higher education in some states-so are suing ..
Students (of illegals) born in the US bring suit for FREE education
NOW-if the students would move to good 'ol CA-we taxpayers would foot their bill and they would get FREE education--however-student children of LEGAL US citizens would NOT get FREE Ed...Enough - is enough...

1984 - anyone!!
HS Takes Over TV Screens at Major Hotels

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Horses Help Heal Heroes..-Two Groups

You all know how much I love HORSES!!
Well- horse people realize that horses can help our best get through the PTSD and other war related problems-physical and emotional- group-and ....

(w/ video and a link to one of my very favorite blogs-Chaplain Kathie