Thursday, October 3, 2013

Levin - WWII Memorial Challenge- and the WW I Vet betrayal-By Officers --Who Did Not Adhere To Their Oath-BONUS ARMY -

 This Post is in two parts- LEVIN Challenge AND- BETRAYAL OF WW I by Pres hoover --
Army Officers trained at West Point - betrayed the WW I veterans- and fired upon them--\
AGAIN- the Officer's Oath Does NOT include the word President--and- Firing upon citizens - esp Veterans of WW I --
Well- learning this has made me lose the esteem I had for the three-"officers"-mac arthur-eisenhower-patton--

THANK YOU for the link explaining the Bonus Army-

My Comment At Crusader Rabbit-
Looks like the officers mac arthur -eisenhower -patton did not take their oath seriously- officer oath does NOT include the word President!!
My esteem for the three is no longer!!
Why Do I have to go to my Aussie-NZ sites to get Truth?

Thank you - too- Rabbit - for the Levin link!! He is the only one in the media whom I really trust!!
BONUS ARMY-comment at the above-

I' ll clarify this post at a later time- right now - I have to sort the betrayals- 


WomanHonorThyself said...

what a horror this has become hun..great find:)

WomanHonorThyself said...

so sorry Carol..I put u right back on my blogroll where u belong!..xoxox

Mustang said...

I have a post coming up, probably week after next, concerning the Insurrection Act ... which I think factors in to this concern. I share your view ...