Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Robert E. Lee- Oct 14 2013 - 134 rd Anniversary of His Death

My take-He was top of his class at West Point and Superintendent of West Point- Served the U S for many years - When the Civil War broke out--he chose to serve via his home state as commander of the Confederate Army--

this article from Canada Free Press is a must read-

first paragraph of the article:
The United States flag flew at half-mast when Robert E. Lee died!
Lee Chapel at Washington and Lee University is the site of annual programs paying tribute to Robert Edward Lee. On Monday, October 14, 2013, a program commemorating the Washington College presidency of Robert E. Lee on the 143rd anniversary of his death will feature War Between the States historian, Frank O’Reilly. The lecture entitled “Adapt, Improvise, and Overcome: Robert E. Lee’s Greatest Victory at Chancellorsville” will begin at 12:15 p.m.

ASIDE- after studying HIStory - such as -- Lincoln's un- Constitutional  actions- state's rights over Fed.--the fact that slavery was in the Northern states as well as Southern--
and the over bearing Federal Government of many regimes even before  bho's--
I think I would have joined the Confederacy--because - I believe Now- that the Civil War was not just about slavery but about $$$ and Power--and an over bearing Central government.

Off thread but pertinent to my takes -
I left this comment at another site--

As you know - I had thought of giving up on my blog- then decided to go back to my original intent which is -art- music- horses - poetry and our BEST -
and intermingle those w/ the crap going on in this Republic--
I do not have a lot of commenters-
I am told that most people do not follow my thought pattern - nor my brevity-
Oh Well-
I do not suffer fools gladly- so- I don't care --
and the blog helps me relieve the roil--


Mustang said...

I for one hope that you do not give up your blog. I read it quite often, and you are on my blog roll. Thank you for posting this reminder of Robert E. Lee. He was a good and decent man who sought to do his duty, as God gave him the light to see that duty.

Semper Fi

highboy said...

Good post. Its uncomfortable for people to admit, but the Confederacy wasn't completely wrong. Other than slavery, (admittedly, a biggie) they had every right to do what they did.

WomanHonorThyself said...

stay the course girl!..have an awesome weekend my friend:)

TS/WS said...

The South did not have 'slaves' - per say - in every southern house holds, just in the Plantations proper.
The North on the other hand almost all had a butler, grounds keeper, horse stall/tac room worker, nanny, or some sort in their households.
Funny huh, the South was wiped with a broad brush when the North had more personal slaves, the South had less and the ones they did have were only on the plantations-commercial slaves.
And yes it was all about commerce-at first. The Fed Gov. was mad that the South was out preforming the North in goods of export. And as such tried to impose duties that the South could not except.
Then Lincoln said,"I have the South in front of me that I loath, and behind me are the BANKERS that I FEAR!".
And then it was Andrew Johnson after becoming Pres., and his Southern roots, that did a number on the Congress for their forcing the Southern States to ratify the 14th Amendment at the point of the bayonet, insisted the Section 3 be in the !4th Amendment.
That cost him his Election.
The false stories (just like the Dems do today) preceded Johnson's Campaign Stops that were not very welcoming for him.
Seems not much has changed in all of History and up to today.

TS/WS said...

You have a good blog
I don't post to often
As you can see I don't to well

BB-Idaho said...

Lee was a remarkable military leader, but his greatness, IMO, came after Appomattox-
"Madam, don't bring up your sons to detest the United States Government. Recollect that we form one country now. Abandon all these local animosities, and make your sons Americans."
"Sir, if you ever presume again to speak disrespectfully of General Grant in my presence, either you or I will sever his connection with this university."
..he bore bitter defeat with grace
and dignity. Small wonder the Army of Northern Virginia loved 'Ol Marse Robert'.

christian soldier said...

M- your encouragement means a lot to me- thank you

HB-State's right over fed --and the north also had slavery--so it was not just about slavery--
thank you for commenting- it is always a pleasure 'hearing' from you (-:

W- thank you my friend - I will!

TS- your added History gives pause for thought- thank you..

BB--Gen Lee's actual words are very enlightening--thank you-

Kid said...

I also don't believe the Civil War was only or maybe Even, about slavery.
I was named after R.E.Lee btw. Maybe. :)
Carol-CS> I suspect you have a lot of lurkers - those who don't comment.