Tuesday, September 4, 2012

RNC Shenanigans at the Convention-

 Lite posting today-check these out- do you see why I no longer trust the RNC!!!!


TS/WS said...

Kick them out. Replace them with hand picked shills.
If Obama is Re-elected, the people has no one to blame but the RNC/ World Bankers.
Obama or Romney-it is a win/win for the One World Order Loons.

Kid said...

They have to be replaced by Tea Party

christian soldier said...

TW - there is not much difference between the Ds and the establishment Rs is there!

K- and I- too hope - for the sake of the Republic- that the est. Rs are replaced by the Tea Party ...

Fredd said...

I'm with Kid. These establishment GOP folk are really no better than the Democrats.

Dump them all starting with Reince Preibus and get some grass roots, God fearing Tea Party folk to take charge and do things right.

AmericanVet said...

OY! I am a Tea Party guy. I know that the establishment Republicans have a bunch of bad apples. But you do not realize that so many of the new candidates for office in local and state elections and plenty of national candidates are either Tea Party members or are strong on those issues. The way to make the Republicans work right is to get inside the party and bring the truth with you.

My wife and I joined the local repubs five years ago. We helped get the first Republican County official elected since the Roosevelt administration! We also have helped make a Tea Party-Republican coalition. This is what is happening at the grass roots.

The Democrats are led by the worst President in history. Romney may have his problems but he is NOT Obama. People like Richard Mourdock in Indiana are Tea Party guys who are carrying the Republican flag. So hold your noses, vote Republican and get involved! Tea Party people are everywhere in our local and county Republican organization now. It can be done.

A vote for Gary Johnson will be a vote for Obama. Please don't do that to me and my children and grandchildren!