Thursday, September 27, 2012

U.S Capital Was the Chruch -This Is A Christian Nation-We Have Been Lied To

28 years ago- my husband and I went to our first Home Educators Convention-
We attended a seminar by  Historian - Dr Marshall Foster-and realized  that  we had been lied to about  the true HIStory of the  U.S. Republic--
This video - featuring David Barton -Will help you understand -where WE in the US  have come from - our CHRISTIAN roots!!!!



Trekkie4Ever said...

Although the Muslim sympathizer in office claimed that we aren't, we know that we are.

Our forefathers and founders believed and stood on the Word of God.

Kid said...

There's no question Christianity is woven all through our founding and majority of laws / legal system.

christian soldier said...

L-Yes we are!! : - )

K-that is why must fight for them- or we lose-our Constitutional base-