Friday, December 3, 2010

Austrian MP Gives the Islamist a Set Down For Murdering Christians- Christian Leaders - Take this as an example

Christian Leaders- Our brothers and sisters are being murdered and tortured by the "religion of peace" and - as I have been saying for years now- you are weak and PC - and do NO THING about it!!-
TAKE AN EXAMPLE FROM THIS Austrian MP-Stadler-and stiffen Your collective spines!

Thank you-Crusader Rabbit
and speaking of Christians being tortured in Vietnam-this is why our government during the Vietnam erra should have let our BEST FIGHT TO WIN-instead of fighting-then dropping the ball-Canada Free Press-Because - Without America - There is No Free World


Anonymous said...

Carol, this is excellent. I have stolen it for a future post.

Semper Fi

WomanHonorThyself said...

guts eh!..have a great Sunday Carol~!

christian soldier said...

M-'steal away' my friend--

WHT-thank you ---