Friday, December 3, 2010

Marines and Army to Testify- DADT

I remember when this came down the last time - and the 'compromise' of DADT came about-the Marine Corps stated that they would be willing to give up their commission-ie: dissolve the Marine Corps- if the homosexual agenda 'won the day'-
I wondered - at the time- if that could happen...Could it?- and would we want that to happen?!!! No more Marines?:
_"If the law is changed, successfully implementing repeal and assimilating openly homosexual Marines into the tightly woven fabric of our combat units has strong potential for disruption at the small unit level, as it will no doubt divert leadership attention away from an almost singular focus of preparing units for combat," the Marine commandant, Gen. James Amos, said in remarks prepared for delivery to the Senate Armed Services Committee_

Dancing Boys of Afghanistan - Pederasty-if you don't want to know the truth-don't watch the videos ---

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