Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Michigan& Bankrupt Detroit/Hamtramck-Among the FIRST Socialist Systems -Now Nearly Bankrupt!-

How has 70 + years of Socialism worked for you - Michigan!!
Socialism -and -Welfare-State Mentality and Government control of same NEVER Work_
I remember stores in Detroit being vacant 30+ years ago - sadly- I recently heard that the Michigan State Fair is gone-I'll discuss that one later!! (the causes)-
Article from M Live-
Article -quote from NYT-may require log in:
"Hamtramck’s ability to pay its bills. Beyond that? The political leaders of this old working-class city almost surrounded by Detroit..."


William Stout said...

But...but...but Marxism has got to work, doesn't it? Socialism has done wonders for Detroit hasn't it? It would seem that the great gift of hope and change isn't worth much. Now capitalism on the other hand...

Carol, I don't know where you get these stories, but keep getting them! I always learn so much when I visit your page.

christian soldier said...

WS-thank you for the encouragement-my friend...