Wednesday, June 10, 2009

U.S. Government Officials BURN Collections of the KORAN!!!!!--Muslims Are Out-Raged!!!

The Koran is handled with gloved hands by our soldiers at GITMO --
The Bibles of our U.S. soldiers are BURNED-by officials of the U.S. government!...
I do not hear any OUT-RAGE from Christians.....

From the Jewish Journal:

The above news report from Al Jazeer English accuses U.S. Army soldiers in Afghanistan of violating anti-proselytizing rules by handing out New Testaments in the languages of the locals. The outcome: The Bibles were confiscated and destroyed by the military.

Reuters reported earlier this month:

Military officials have said the bibles were sent through private mail to an evangelical Christian soldier by his church back home. The soldier brought them to the bible study class where they were filmed.

Trying to convert Muslims to another faith is a crime in Afghanistan. An Afghan man who converted to Christianity was sentenced to death for apostasy in 2006 but was allowed to leave the country after an international uproar.

“It certainly is, from the United States military’s perspective, not our position to ever push any specific kind of religion, period,“ chairman of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff Admiral Mike Mullen told a Pentagon briefing on Monday.

But David Brody, Christian Broadcasting Networks’ senior Washington correspondent and an evangelical well-respected by his secular peers, asks a spot-on question:

“if the U.S. Military seized a stack full of Korans, would they be burned? You think that might cause a little outrage in the Muslim world?“

I-C-CS will call the American who 'exposed' the 'awful' Bible - believing troops in their worship service -a traitor...or - an agitator...
I posted this May 17-:

Sunday, May 17, 2009

BHO and Pentagon BURNS Privately Held BIBLES.....Islam Pressure Here....

In 2002-when many of us sent boxes to our troops --they had little except the military necessities-it was the beginning of the 'war on terror'...The list of banned items included the Bible..I said nothing at the time -but questioned it through my Christian leaders--Answer--'We have to do what they say...' 'We can't offend ..'
SEVEN years later...!!!!!--With the loss of Christian blood...Shed on terrorists' ground..
h/t Human Events:

After World War II, in order to carry out the democratization of Japan, Five-Star General Of The Army Douglas MacArthur brought Christian leaders to the country to meet with Emperor Hirohito and encouraged mass distribution of Bibles to the population. MacArthur later stated to a visiting American churchman, "We must have ten thousand Christian missionaries and a million Bibles to complete the occupation of this land."
(Source: Rodger R. Venzke, Confidence In Battle - Inspiration In Peace, 1977, p.24-25.)

But today, instead of confronting Muslim and Atheist enemies of religious liberty, President Obama's Four-Star Admiral Chairman Of The Joint Chiefs Mike Mullen now appears to defend the destruction of the soldiers' privately owned Bibles, stating during a Pentagon briefing that the military's position is that it will never "push any specific religion." He did not address the possibility that by seizing and burning privately owned Bibles, the Obama Administration is now enforcing state atheism upon our troops.

There - you have it!--When are we EVER going to stand up for the Way-the TRUTH -and the LIGHT!?!!!


Z said...

Very comprehensive post, Carol..thanks for this.
As I type, I'm listening to laura Ingraham with an Army chaplain who now appears to be the chaplain on the Hill...until Rahm Emanual gets to him.
I keep hearing about muslims in the thousands coming to Christianity.....but they have to keep it quiet or die.

Funny, nobody in the army is demanding anybody convert, they're just giving the bibles gosh; the muslims want US to be tolerant, but turn the tables, and maybe they'll complain but it's OUR OWN PEOPLE who will fight US the hardest; witness the snideness in the reporter's if we're passing typhoid around instead of the 'dreaded' Bible. typical

shoprat said...

Maybe not but God Himself will.

christian soldier said...

Z - the dreaded Bible I do believe the Dark Siders dread the Bible because they dread the TRUTH..
SR-God will...