Friday, April 23, 2010

From Rino to RINO---

As promised-my article - written in 1993- with the first Rino (now RINO) ...

Can you believe that I actually wrote with lengthy sentences w/o acronyms and 'word bytes' ?!!!!!!!
What you are about to read is the first page of the newsletter segment written for my Republican Women Federated Chapter - June 1993--I was chair of both Campaign / Precinct and Education!!!
Notice the reference to Rino which later became RINO!!-----
The articles were typed using an 'old fashioned' typewriter!!!

Campaign/ Precinct June 1993:

There are still those that believe that the Republican Party should relieve itself of its moral-conservative planks and head for a centrist position. A few facts from the Nov. elections may help put things into perspective.
California: The Republican Party lost 1.5 million votes, however, NO CONSERVATIVE INCUMBENT LOST- Eight (8) out of 13 conservative candidates for State Assembly won. Conservatives regained control of the Republican Caucus AND!!! EVERY MODERATE REPUBLICAN LOST!!!!

A Short Story- _ Time for a Change_ : by Carol: June 1993

Norman Elephant sat back trying to concentrate on his hand. He reflected on the way he and other Elephant friends from the George Washington School of Ethics and Morality used to run their monthly card party.

They'd chat about the events in each others' lives during the month past-then-out would come the transparent deck-Each knowing that the honor of the others was such that there would be no peeking.

Tonight's game was different. With the inclusion of the Rinos, the party had lost its free and gentle flare. It started a few months ago with one Rino asking to join and all - but Norm- agreeing (to show their tolerance). Pretty soon there were more Rinos than Elephants.

The rules had to be changed too. Rather than transparent cards-they had to use heavy -duty cards because the Rinos said they were honorable but, the Elephants soon learned that they always resorted to peeking. The betting was more intense as well. The Rinos played for keeps!

They also continually demanded small changes.

At first it was the request to pull certain cards from the deck. The Absolute of Diamonds (which represented the Elephants' substance) was the first to go. It was replaced by the Arbitrary of *CZ.

Soon, most of the deck had been changed.

Several of the party originals lost their positions, homes, and family members for it seemed that the Rinos could not lose.

Norm suspected it had something to do with the new glasses the Rinos were wearing. It seemed that they could see through the new decks that had been purchased through a Rino distributor.

Norm also thought about the meeting he had called. He hoped that some the the original players would agree with him that changes had to be made...

The End..

*(Cubic Zirconia-or false diamond) CZ

Nothing has changed --has it?!!!

I will soon write about the first RINO buttons...I still have one or two !!!
My friend took my word rino and turned it into buttons-RINO-went to a major R Convention- the rest is history..


MathewK said...

Thanks for posting that. Makes sense, once the rinos are given a place at the table, they predictably start taking over and pushing their own agendas forward.

WomanHonorThyself said...

good one girl..and yes you're still at it..go u!!:)

Ron Russell said...

A centerist party in reality stands for nothing. In an attempt to please all you please no one! Personally I would favor a multi-party system and everyone could find a home!

William Stout said...

Great post Carol, you have it pegged. Once you begin to dilute the beliefs of an organization, it no longer retains its original identity. RINOs, Progressives, and God knows what else have all twisted the Republican ideology and that is why we lost control of the Congress in 2006.

Pasadena Closet Conservative said...

I want to see one of those buttons!

Anonymous said...
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highboy said...

There is hardly a difference between parties anymore. The only time anyone acts like a conservative is when the party in power is not.

christian soldier said...

Thank you all for your support of our great land....and for your encouraging words to me---
Your are awesome...