Wednesday, January 18, 2012

SOPA (House) & Protect IP Act (Senate) -Dangerous Govt Intervention

Call your Congressman (woman) -local offices are fine-and no long distance $$ for you-
I tend to be very brief-
"Please tell Congressman ______ - to vote NO on SOPA" (Stop Online Piracy Act)

for the Senate it's the Protect the IP Act (PIPA)--Call your Senator-
"Please tell Senator ____ to vote NO on the Protect the IP Act."

Do we need any more govt. in our lives- I say NO....
If you want a bit more -go to Spread Eagle for e-messages to our Servants in govt
up-date- Here is the PIPA List-Where does your Senator stand!---
Up-date # 2 -some Senators changed their minds after MANY calls-Rubio being one..


Trekkie4Ever said...

I'm way ahead of you. Already made the calls and signed the petition. Keep up the good work.

Mark D. said...

Thanks for posting on this. Great work! Keep up the good work you are doing on this blog!