Monday, August 30, 2010

Angel Flight/Bringing our BEST Home...C-130

The C-130 - flare signature - Angel's Wings-
the C-130 is a troop transport plane
is also used as an hospital plane for our BEST--
and its flare signature is in the shape of angel wings--
By Accident- I don't think so-- I believe God smiled when the pilots and ground crews first saw the signature in photos :-)
The one in the video is bringing a fallen HERO home:

My post March 2010:
C-130 Micheal Yon- Whispers
Michael Yon on top of a C-130!!!!
Lucy kept whispering.Lucy kept WHISPERING..

and-of course-Angel Fire!!! h/t WHT



Kid said...

God bless the medical folks.

christian soldier said...


MathewK said...

Beautiful song and video, thanks for posting it.

christian soldier said...

MK-my joy-my friend---will be posting another from a fellow Aussie :-)