Wednesday, September 8, 2010

BIBLES BURNED By Our GVT!!-2009 posts and MY Comments for today--

I wasn't going to get into this- even when Gen Petraeus came out against US citizens exercising their First Amendment rights--
I remember a book _Alms for Jihad_ written by US citizens removed from book shelves because a Saudi billionaire threatened to sue Cambridge Press if they did not..seems like book burning to me!
I remember another book - _Funding Evil_ that was also attacked by the above S-billionaire-because it was published in the US --and even though there was a move to remove (burn) it _Funding Evil_ can still be purchased...

I have a long memory of the DoD and DoS coming against the Christian Bible:notice the date of my post 2009!!!
Notice - too- my 'gotcha' title' -Koran burned--I knew that the US gvt would not burn the Koran - they handle it w/'kid' gloves at Gitmo!!!
Horse Pic
General MacArthur's take-and Pentagon Bible burning

Right After 9-11--!!!!!
I also remember:
That we were told that we could NOT send Bibles in general troop boxes even if we sent them to known family members on our own 'dime'! $

We were informed that our female soldiers were NOT ALLOWED to DRIVE in Saudi Arabia-that we had to be "SENSITIVE" to their laws..

I also know that my CHRISTIAN brothers and sisters are being ANNIHILATED over there-by the followers of radical Islam and NO THING is being done about it...

There was NO OUT-RAGE on the part of Christians-not even for 9-11--Hmmmmm
I do wish that General Petraeus would also have spoken against the school in Colorado for NOT allowing a student to fly the US FLAG on his truck !!! h/t :Gateway

Whether I agree w/ the pastor or not- I don't believe a General- whom I admire- should be holding the PC line !! unless he also speaks to the usurpation of the rights of US citizens!!
There-I've stated it - in writing!!


WomanHonorThyself said...

amen Carol!Rush talked about this too! Thank u for fighting the fight and God bless you this Sept 11 and always my fellow patriot!! :)

christian soldier said...

WHT-I had it before Rush--back in 09 when it happened-I kept waiting for 'something' from Christian leaders--nothing!!!
Thank you for your encouragement - my Patriot friend...

The Rattler - III said...

My response to turning the other cheek is that it will then be easier to draw my sword and raise my shield. Every time we eat a ham sandwich we piss off some jihad who then blows himself up. We need to draw out this cult of roaches into the open and stomp them. But please, don't get me going.

Kid said...

Muslims seem to be all demands and no contributions

Always On Watch said...

Excellent post!

I note that not a word of this information appears in the mainstream media. Of course.

If Petraeus is so worried about a protest here on our home soil endangering troops, maybe he'll also call for a ban on pork sales here in the United States. Alcohol too. And what else? Where does the line get drawn?

Anonymous said...

Opus No. 6 has a video this morning of Imam Rauf appearing on Larry King: build the mosque or risk another attack!

I'm so pissed.

Now I think the people at Gainesville are idiots. I don't think they should stoop the the level of idiot Moslems. But I understand. Still, Gen. Patraeus is in error. If the morons decide not to burn the koran, does that mean our troops are safer? No. So then ... ?

For Rattler: I didn't know that. So I guess I need to eat more ham sandwiches, then?

MathewK said...

At first i was in two minds about this koran burning, but someone asked me about it the other day and i just said, well i really don't give a damn about muslim sensibilities, @#$% them and their feelings. muslims are always pissed about something.

Burn the koran, piss all over it for all i care, i'm sick and tired of their crap, it's not as if muslims need a reason to riot and carry on like a bunch of angry baboons.

christian soldier said...

R III- the scenario w/ the drawn sword brings a smile-thank you and --I agree-enough of the appeasement mentality...

TK-they are always 'out-raged' aren't they!

AoW-thank you for your encouragement--
I believe it is up to us to - now- draw the 'line'!!

M-an ham sandwich does sound good-doesn't it!

MK-that is what I love about you- you say what you mean and do not hold back!!!

Unknown said...

I would like to have seen the Gainsville pastor use the press he received by stating that a Christian shouldn't burn the Koran but make people aware that everyday Christians are being persecuted around the world for having a Christian bible. They are beaten, put in jails, and even killed for their faith. I do not see much outrage over this. Also if Muslims are concerned with healing and peoples feelings, they should consider moving the site of the mosque from "ground zero."