Thursday, September 16, 2010

Women Take the Lead

This MOM (ME) is like a mother horse--you mess with my off-spring and you will be charged and trampled--
Did you know that the mares (female horses) are the leaders of the herd?--That the mares will form a circle -heads facing out with foals inside the circle -if the wolf pack (or other predator) cannot be out-run?
We women are going to form a circle and -with directed determination- face down the enemies of FREEDOM!!!
Sounds like a good idea for an illustration - will get started on it right away!!
h/t for video of Women Leaders-from M.Malkin

Fire From The Heartland from Citizens United on Vimeo.


WomanHonorThyself said...

Booyah Carol! Blessed weekend my friend!!:)

christian soldier said...

WHT-and back at you-(-:

MathewK said...

Good on them, more power to them.

It'll be quite a spectacle to watch, once these women gain some traction in the national light, as the left turn on women showing their inner sexism.

If only some more black people could wake up, then you'll see what a bunch of racists liberals really are.

William Stout said...

Leftist ideas are certainly a threat to the children of these women. If you value independence and freedom you cannot value socialism or Marxism. Each and every American must rise up and defend our liberties from an increasingly tyrannical government. Good job ladies and give them hell.

christian soldier said...

MK-It is exciting to me as well!!
We in CA have a Patriot-pro-life black woman named Starr Parker running for the House...she is not in my district but-I am supporting her--You know that I support Constitutional - Patriots nation wide...

WS-we will-give then hell--they have been messing w/ the inheritance of our off-spring long enough!