Thursday, February 20, 2014

Defend Our Constitutional Freedoms Now- or Forever Hold Your Peace-NRA Vid & Ted Nugent-NAILS commie dems-spineless republicans --GUNS - Freedom

This video says it all!!
The truth about the present regime - understand- this  crap w/ mexico has been going on for a LOOOONG time- the other regimes-bush-clinton-bush 1 -et al--
QUESTION-who is making $$$$$ by not defending our border and allowing DRUGS and muslim terrorists into the US  -ILLEGALLY-??? WHO ?

Ted Nugent-NAILS bho-hillary-and all commie dems AND  the spineless republicans --I LOVE IT-

and I found this - 1961- mandate by UN to remove guns from US citizens


TS/WS said...

And, using the IRS to stifle free speech for the 2012 Election - now, using the FCC to stifle news - to shorten Talk Radio Free Speech during the 2014 Election

Kid said...

Too bad Ted apologized. I'd rather he said that obama shows less than zero respect for American and Americans, so I will show him less than zero in return. As well as the other human looking blobs of evil he speaks of.

christian soldier said...

TS- it is time to eliminate ALL un Constitutional govt agencies and that especially includes the IRS !!

christian soldier said...

K-Sad - the commie left never apologizes-