Monday, February 17, 2014

T.J.Oshie-HOCKEY-"The American Heroes Are Wearing Camo.."

 You all know that I am a Red Wings / LA Kings fan and that I know that Hockey Players are a step above most "professional" sport players--
T.J. Oshie- who helped the US win against Russia- is an example of the heart of the Hockey player-the only real men in sports - in my opinion--
 and our BEST cheering Oshie's winning goal:


William Stout said...

Only sport for "real men" huh? From the fact that they hit harder in hockey than in the NFL and don't call a penalty for it, you may be right. At least college football is still played by men.

christian soldier said...

WS college football-OK- Go ARMY - Beat Navy! (-:

Marine4ever said...

In case you haven't noticed, the Marine Corps doesn't have a football team... we're too busy fighting wars, or training to fight a war.

christian soldier said...

M4 - HA HA