Friday, April 4, 2014

GUNS Should Be In the Hands of Our Troops While on US Bases-GUN FREE Zones Are Dangerous

because the cowardly perps know they are the only ones carrying--whether it is on US military bases or on our streets--
This article  from a military man says it all so I don't have too!

To Add from the BLAZE-Here's What Happened to Crime in Chicago  When Concealed Carry Was Passed


Mustang said...

Lopez has been in the Army or National Guard since 1999; I doubt very much this incident is a matter of his not being able to "cope" with the stress of combat service. His mother recently died, so I can see how he might be depressed.

We may wonder why Army Med didn't address that issue ... his depression, in a meaningful way. But then with psychiatrists like that Muslim Whack Job who did all the shooting at Fort Hood the last time, then one has to conclude that the Army needs to get its shit together.

Our troops deserve better than they are getting.

christian soldier said...

M- the PC crap extends from the DoD - thus-Hassan (sp) the known muslim terrorist- was not watched-and - because of the likes of CAIR- the first Ft. Hood was labeled "work place violence"--
Our troops do deserve MUCH BETTER!! Indeed-
How about we pay them/give them great heath care and et al on par w/ the Congress folks--Oh Wait- the Congress folks say they are not making enough money!! GRRRRR