Friday, April 25, 2014

The TRUE STORY -Bundy and the Welfare State-Hannity-You Sure Did Jump The Gun To Cover Your ASSets >>

Having observed the deterioration of Detroit due to the creation of VICTIMS (black-negro) by the progressives over 50 +++ YEARS-- and giving them ADC-(aid to dependent children) - promoting out of wedlock kids-LOTS of other WELFARE - funded by WORKING citizens- and - look at what happened to D E T R O I T !!  A once beautiful - city- now a DUMP--
Thank you - commie/progressives!! SARC
I am sure that my very hard working - entrepreneurial friends of "color" would be ashamed of the left and "right" jumping to the conclusion that Mr. Bundy was speaking of them!! 

HERE ARE THE T R U E  WORDS  of Mr. Bundy --(Thank you Darin at Crusader Rabbit- NZ blog)
BTW- Hannity- you prematurely Covered Your Ass  (CYA)-  You are OFF my LIST --I will no longer trust you !!
The actual words of Mr. Bundy- 
and the unedited video:

This with video of Bundy's bodyguard  (a man of "color")- who would take a bullet for Mr. Bundy--

My comment at gateway:
Life Liberty PROPERTY (first wording of Declaration) -because the "royals" used to take property from the land owners--
Is the Federal govt. now the "royal" government!!
The Property on Fed. land is OUR PROPERTY- we own the Fed govt and should be acting as if we do!!
From the Bundy blog site:
 "We are trading one form of slavery for another"
Go read the rest:


Adrienne said...

I was shocked when I heard Hannity go off on Bundy. I completely agree with you.

christian soldier said...

A- thank you -my friend-many do not share our take--