Tuesday, January 22, 2013

bho only wants military leaders who will fire on US citizens !! WHAT!!

If this is true - and I tend to believe it- (read my post about losing officers - two posts down--http://carolmsblog.blogspot.com/2013/01/why-we-are-losing-our-best-officers.html)-then we are in trouble!!!
Remember- the officer's oath is to protect an defend the Constitution - it does not include the word President....BTW- READ carefully- as I have included the OFFICER'S Oath and the Enlistee's Oath - They are different!!!


TS/WS said...

I have heard these tidbits since the `90's;
and the enlisted had to fill out a question aire, about taking our guns and or firing if any resistance.
Our enemies are hell bent on disarming the American Public-for a easier take over.
The U.N. Military (comprised of personnel from other countries), will not care one iota of our Rights, Constitutional and or Bill Of Rights.
This is a strategy for the King of The World coming soon in a dream (It seems like a dream - nitemare) not just in your head but, in the Heads of State.
Nothing will be done because A Mason can not cause harm to another Mason. That is why Obama gets a pass on everything; and Clinton was only Impeached and not removed from Office.
They say, it is a dream.
We say, it is a nitemare.

William Stout said...

The left has ever viewed it's military as a tool of force to be used against it's own citizenry. Bill Ayers and his wife, Bernadine Dhorn, were once proud members of the Weather Underground and both subscribed to murdering about 25 million civilians who they said could not be re-educated in the mold of Marx. Who do you think was supposed to execute them?

Fast forward to 2008 and you see Rahm Emanuel and Obama looking for a way to implement a secret police force that would rival the U.S. military in capability and firepower. What was that supposed to be used for? Rahm even said that government should never let an emergency go to waste and should take liberties that it otherwise could never get away with. Just how far were these men prepared to go?

Ever since the left took charge of Washington they have been pointing the finger of terrorism at the right and accusing them of everything from rigging elections to undermining national security to preparing to launch a terrorist crusade. I remind you that both Homeland Security and the Pentagon has targeted the right as potential terrorists with a hostile agenda.

While people like Piers Morgan and Chris Mathews poo poo the idea of government turning on its citizens, they are the very people who will, like Walter Duranty, hide these excesses and assist in the spin necessary to enslave the American people. They will likely win Pulitzer prizes for their well crafted lies, as did Duranty.

The left has no shame and they certainly have no integrity. They care not a whit for anybody who does not believe as they do. They turn people's children on them as the Hitler Youth once did and as Stalin once did by turning children into ideologues in public schools. Their social policy is an acid designed to break down and destroy the native culture and values and even with the evidence presented by Yuri Bezmenov, the KGB officer who defected in the 1980's, and nobody believes it.

Apathy is freedom's greatest enemy. While the peoples of the West sleep, darkness stirs and swirls all around them. People with an agenda and who like to make laws in the dead of night are in control of Washington D.C. and a military who will fire on it's own friends and families would be a great asset to such people.

Obama promised to change the nation in fundamental ways. This means that he seeks to change the essence of America and the essence of America is liberty. In order to do that he must disarm the public, he must put aside the U.S. Constitution, and he must have the U.S. military on his side against the populace and in direct opposition to Federal law. The left is not to be trusted. They have proven their ability to visit horrors upon their fellows and neighbors for more than 100 years. They have not changed and they are looking at destroying the United States if they can and the media will be cheering them on while they do it.

Listen to the words of encouragement given the President and the left by so called "reporters" and others in the media. They must be watched closely because treachery lives in their hearts.

christian soldier said...

TS--the Dark side has been purposely obfuscating the Founding of this Republic -slowly - first through our Education system which the communist John Dewey and friends -at the turn of the last - last century ...actually wrote a plan to do so---

christian soldier said...

WS- I have seen this coming for some time --trying to warn those close to me--I get 'eye rolls' - even from 'learned ' Christians...

KG said...

It's always "conspiracy theory" eye-rolls, Carol--until it's suddenly real, and happening...
And I notice they never concede afterwards that we were right.
What William said is spot-on.

christian soldier said...

KG- frustrating isn't it!!