Thursday, January 17, 2013

Occupy-Full Armor-PC in our Academies

has anyone noticed the PC that is going on in our military academies!?
Bibles of our troops burned - because they might cause 'offense' to the followers of islam in afghanistan and iraq -

The plaque in the Old Chapel at the USMA (West Point) bearing the name of the traitor -benedict arnold -was erased -plaque still on the wall w/ the other foundering heroes- but- erased!
Bold statement by those who performed the erasure--

Christ gave us a command- Lk 19-"Occupy til I come"- (OKJV)
I regard it as a military command to hold the ground won (He won)..
The Creator also gave us Christians the Full Armor (Eph 6) that He put on in Is 59-(He asked the Hebrews-and I paraphrase-What are you doing about the shedding of innocent blood and un-just judges?--NOTHING!?!!)-
So God put on His Full Armor-Is 59--

I have been asking my fellow followers of Christ-"When are we going to put on the Full Armor and follow Christ's command to OCCUPY!" with boldness!

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