Thursday, January 31, 2013

HORSES and the Super-Bowl-

You all know how much I love HORSES - they are loyal-and noble:and they do HUG!!
Just found this one - it has more!

h/t common cents

 Honoring 9/11-aired only once-the Clydesdales bow..

2012-Prohibition is over--I add this because the HORSES play a main part!!

 Getting ready for the super bowl-my take---and there are those who say HORSES are dumb! REALLY!!!
add on-found this-fabulous paintings of horses and war --w/ Tchaikovsky overture 1812


William Stout said...

My grandfather loved horses as well. He grew up in a small town in Pennsylvania and there was a National Guard Cavalry unit there. He would go and groom the horses and ride them bare back to exercise them. He had to ride them bare back because the guardsmen had polished the saddles and they didn't want them to be scuffed. He didn't mind though.

Life was hard when he was growing up and horses offered him a freedom and joy that he loved during that time. So strong was his love of horses that he joined the Army and became a Cavalryman, one of the last in active service. When he left the Army he did not leave his love for horses behind. After joining the police department he organized the mounted unit and he rode once more.

The strange thing is that I never knew any of that about him until much later in my life. He was in his late 80's when he relayed the tale to me as we sat in his living room and I was in my forties. Now, I cannot see a horse without thinking of him. Thank you for reminding me of him once again :-)

Trekkie4Ever said...

I was never a huge fan of horses until my boss, who also trains horses, as well as being a chiropractor had me watch the Equestrian part of the Olympics.

And watching the movie Hidalgo and LOTR.

christian soldier said...

WS- Thank you for the wonderful overview of your Grandfather's love of horses--

I-too- never knew that my Grandfather loved horses -- i found out when I took him to 'meet' my first horse --(he was in his 80s) and tears came to his eyes--that is when I found out that he and his family bred some of the finest horses for carriage/riding in Ontario!!

Now I wish I had sat down and written more of the family history!

christian soldier said...

L- Welcome to the 'love of HORSES' group!!
Loved Hidalgo -

What does LOTR mean--

Did you get to see War Horse?