Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Guarding the Gates--One of Mine-Concept from Guarding the Gates of Vienna-


Caroline said...

LOve Love Love your first canvas. The one with the horse :)

Always On Watch said...

It dawns on me that many high school students today have not a clue as to what the phrase "the gates of Vienna means." Knowledge of history has become so pathetic.

Anyway, I'm going to post something soon about the significance of "the gates of Vienna."

christian soldier said...

C- so glad you came by to view it --I know you love HORSES too : - )

christian soldier said...

AOW- I always enjoy reading about the 'never give up' attitude !!

christian soldier said...

After I finished drawing tha painting the castle and added my own background of the sea - I decided to "improve" it-so- semi-covered the original painting w/red- and then free drew the horse and rider-
Interesting-an Art Professor -friend asked me if I would like to use her projector -to enlarge my original sketch of the horse and rider-
I said-No thank - I'll just hand draw it on the canvas with a paint brush--
She was surprised that I could do that--I must be better than I thought!