Monday, June 6, 2011

More on West Point Cadet Beating-West Point May be Reconsidering After Seeing the Raw Video and...

I have been keeping up on this since it was reported-the raw video made it clear to me that the Cadet was set up-I -continue- to 'smell' a cover up by Houston Police !

According to Raley, after the incident, someone from HPD called West Point to report a cadet was drunk and involved in an assault.

As a result, the attorney says his client – an Army football player—was suspended.

When West Point learned about the incident, they told King he would have to serve 18 months on Army deployment before he could re-apply to West Point to finish school.

But now, Raley said the officers are taking a second look at the case, too.

"Officers now who have seen the videotape and know that he is innocent have come forward and said, ‘We’re on your side,’ so it’s possible that West Point will reconsider this decision," said Raley. "We’re hopeful."

My post w/raw video and several other up-dates

Article w/raw video - cadet in yellow - lower right-talking on phone - waiting for his parents...

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