Thursday, July 19, 2012

Another WOMAN Uses Her Talents to Defend FREEDOM

 we in the US got rid of "royalty" starting 1776!
Ms. Branch sings of 'royalty' because she knows that there are those from BOTH parties who honestly believe they are ROYAL---
thank  you mawm for the heads up-
and - it looks like another WOMAN  has put her toe to the line- to fight for FREEDOM!

have you ever seen a band of mama horses (Mares) circle - w/ their young in the middle--to defend -to the death - against their natural predatory enemies-- ---full intimidation!-make no mistake- !!
don't mess with MAMAs!
defending their country and - thus - their young!
and my comments of the same ilke at Republican Mother-in 2011-my views have not changed!

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Trekkie4Ever said...

Cool! She did a great job.