Monday, July 9, 2012


you could spend all day at the various categories-
has a couple on women in the military special forces-why and why not-

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Trekkie4Ever said...
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Trekkie4Ever said...

I don't believe women have what it takes to be a Navy SEAL, because they just don't have the stamina or strength as the men do. We are created differently.

I have seen some footage of the training and most men don't even make it. They gave up. It's truly the tough of the tough that make it through, and not many make it.

I could be proven wrong, but if some men who are so very fit can't make it, what makes a woman think she can?

And I ABSOLUTELY do not believe any rules should be amended to accommodate the women.

Kid said...

Great Post Carol. I bookmarked that last site.

I agree with Letica. There are extremely few women who would make it through BUDS.

On the other hand, there may be SOF missions that don't require hauling "old Misery" or paddling a rubber raft through heavy surf, and that might benefit from having females in the mix.

christian soldier said...

L- I used to think that too- til my very conservative male relative who attended West Point stated that some of the female Cadets could do the physical requirements better than some of the male Cadets-
and-it brought to mind a band of MAMA horses circling to protect their young- they will charge and nothing will stop them-

K- so glad you liked the sites-I sure do!

Kid said...

Carol-CS, I may stand corrected then :)

Trekkie4Ever said...

Carol, maybe with some military positions are suitable for women, but we are talking about the SEAL's, that's a whole different ball game.

I watch the military channel and the men that are training to be a SEAL are in perfect condition and still cannot take the grueling hours, work, sleep deprivation, so much is involved to be SEAL, which why they are the best.

I still don't think women can make it.

christian soldier said...

L--SEALS are the Best of the BEST that is true-
and- if any requirements are softened so that women can 'make it' that would make me angry!

Trekkie4Ever said...

Exactly! They need to be able to carry a man down, swim with a man down, and so much more.