Friday, July 13, 2012

R Congressman -"...Fighting for the Constituion Is A Losing Battle.."


Kid said...

It is sometimes hard not to concede the point given the number of people who support tearing the 'old outdated thing' up. I've met many.

Then you have your [fake?] conservatives who would rather let obama and friends Completely Destroy America by giving him and the dems another 4.5 years because "Their favorite ultra conservative candidate isn't running and They're Not Voting for Romney"

One has to wonder just who they are sharing this place called America with.

TS/WS said...

There is a remedy - but no one seems to be willing to state the course of action!

This one

This one too

Hint #1 remember u wanted a hint

TS/WS said...

See the dates posted?
I have been giving the - the - course;
but no one really understands why we have this at our fingertips
It worked before > hint#2

MathewK said...

Really, aren't they sworn to uphold the constitution? I suppose that one shouldn't just be waving a copy of the constitution around all day, but if that isn't the basis of your reasoning then what is. If you can't believe in the constitution, can't believe in the Christian God then you might as well believe in anything.

Kid said...

They Say, If only we had people in the relative positions who were willing to uphold the laws already in place....

christian soldier said...

K-you are so right- there are those who really believe that the Constitution should be a 'living breathing' changeable document- the Founders never intended it to be so badly altered-

TS-thank you SO much for the links to your posts and for you excellent 'take'...

RWT--they swore to uphold the Constitution but- 1. most of them have never read or studied that document--2. many who took the oath -LIE-cheat & steal!

K- we have a few- Allen West comes to mind as do many of our BEST---

Kid said...

Carol-CS, Yes, remember when the new Tea Party Congresspeople held tutoring lessons on the Constitution for the rest of the House?

Good Grief !

And many probably weren't even interested.