Monday, July 23, 2012


My family came out of the "Great Depression" and built a thriving business in Detroit--
They also saw that the Socialist-Welfare- System- (Detroit was -the first)  would kill Detroit--now an house can be obtained for $ 1.00 --but- the taxes on it are whatever the communist - welfare socialists decide ---
This video was put together by Bristol Palin-she was betrayed by her boyfriend-after having his child (her child too :-)-but- a VICTIM she is NOT!!! GO Bristol !!

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Trekkie4Ever said...

Love this video! Obama got help, so I guess in his small narcissist mind everyone got help.

How un-American to believe people aren't capable of building and expanding their businesses.

My best-friend has cerebral palsy and yet, managed to build a very successful medical equipment company.

christian soldier said...

L-it is success stories like that of your friend that we must continue to 'get out' to those who will 'listen'!
Thank you for sharing ...

Kid said...

obama's never accomplished anything so it's not wonder he hasn't the slightest clue about how things get done.

Z said...

Kid's right...he only seems to know how to RUIN countries!

Good for Bristol...
ya, she was betrayed by a boyfriend but she allowed herself to conceive, so..................oh, well.
we all make mistakes.

christian soldier said...

K-sadly- he-who hates the US- is the Pres- )-:

christian soldier said...

Z-yes- Bristol made a mistake- but- did not try to cover it by killing her un-born child--
and you are so right - we humans do make mistakes--I have made my share--
Thanks to my Lord and Savior-Jesus the Christ and His Grace- I am saved---