Friday, July 27, 2012

Boring-Olympic Games Opening -NBC US-Edited Tribute London Victims of Islamic Terrorism...

SUNDAY--JUST FOUND THIS VIDEO -SO THUS THIS UP Date- NBC -US coverage-edited out the tribute to those who  died in London July 7, 2005 from Islamic terrorism- the video has it w/ a wonderful singer singing-Abide With Me...h/t D-MARTYR at JAWA

I left the TV room  when Socialized Medicine was being touted --PLEASE !! boring -
That is why I am here rather than at the TV-The Brits need a 1776 - no more 'royals' (we in the US need to rid ourselves of the 'royals' in our govt- vote them out!)  -
 and the Brits need a Second Amendment-they no longer may have guns - and their police do not carry guns-geeeeez
I'm ranting- so- back to the opening ceremonies- unless they are still boring-

The US better not dip the Star Spangled Banner to the British queen --GRRRR
No KING but King JESUS - the motto for the 1776 Revolution!


Z said...

Amazing 'great minds'!
Please come comment on my rather depressing post on the Olympics this morning....everybody seemed to miss the point and didn't appear to read past my title...I hope you will because I think you'll agree with me.


christian soldier said...

I'll be over!

Trekkie4Ever said...

Carol, there's a picture of Queen Elizabeth picking at her fingers while the GB Olympians were walking on the field.

I passed on watching the Opening, oh well.

Kid said...

I believe PC actually means Puke City.