Monday, November 15, 2010

Pelosi's SanFran-CA -Graphic

This is what we in CA have been warning the country about for 25 years-as CA goes so goes the rest of the Nation--is it too late to wrest this Republic from the hands of the Dark Side?
On the Streets of San Francisco -USA-some pretty graphic images .


SPN Headlines said...

Speaker Pelosi said the Dems will repeal the law of gravity to mitigate plane crashes.....SHOCKING details at:

Peace! :-)

Kid said...

Carol, Yep, I've been to zombie. Those folks should go live in another country on their own money for a few years.

Or something :)

San Fran has to be the worst of the worst.

Danny Wright said...

You have the best links Carol! If these were pictures from tea parties, what the media is saying about them would make perfect sense.

christian soldier said...

TK=SF has been and is one of the worst!

D-Thank you -glad you enjoyed