Saturday, November 27, 2010

WORM Turns Iranian Nuclear Ambitions Up--Side-Down

Like an "F-35 entering battles of WWI"!!
Computers and I have a love-hate relationship-this link gave me a view that made things a little clearer- and an little scarier :-) - glad the WORM is from our side-I think!
Thank you-Big Feed


WomanHonorThyself said...

lol I hate computers too! HOPE ya had a fabulous holiday weekend..I'm still

William Stout said...

As we continue to improve our electronics, cyber warfare capabilities become infinitely more important. By employing cyber warfare technology we can disrupt civilian power grids, melt down nuclear reactors, shut off water and sewage systems, shut down communications, etc. As soldiers transition to powered armor our cyber warfare specialists can commandeer those as well.

It really is a brave new world and wide open for tactics and strategy. I hope that the warfare colleges begin hammering this strata of the battle space soon because ground commanders really need to understand this dimension of warfare.

christian soldier said...

WHT- I gained 3 pounds-geees! had fun though:-)

WS-I do too-as I thought the same thing-our BEST could be in further danger ---
I never liked that fact that the new jets are all under computer control..

MathewK said...

I read about this too, nice isn't it, knowing they got screwed over by a worm. No doubt it'll be branded a zionist worm too. LOL.