Friday, November 5, 2010

Today-Fort Hood BEST Murdered-Lest We Forget..

13 of our BEST and 1 unborn child=14 murdered!
Let us remember our BEST who were murdered by an Islamic terrorist-trained by our military-known by the DoD as having terrorist leanings-and..
also- know that Hasan was the only soldier at Fort Hood who had a weapon-our BEST are un-armed at the bases and the terrorists know that fact!!
PC is getting our BEST killed-even on the the field of battle w/ the new RoEs...Grrrrrrrrr
JAWA has an excellent take.
M.Malkin-she has a list of those murdered-and an excellent take as well.
My take-Hasan is a traitor and should have been immediately executed.


Kid said...

Well, in this case, he'd probably like that. Here's one guy I won't mind paying a little tax money to see rot in the grey bar hotel for a few decades before they stick a needle in his arm.

TS/WS said...

Yea, let him suffer, being paralyzed. Don't make him a martyr.
Unless pouring pigs blood on him as the needle is removed on world wide video.

christian soldier said...

OK-You Two-I get the main point that both of you are offering-and-I'll buy it!
Indeed-let him suffer--

Winston said...

shame on Army for not detecting this deranged jihadi earlier