Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Piss Christ-Ant Covered Christ-and Other Porn Financed By Your Tax $$$ and Mine

I wasn't going to weigh in on this but- as an artist- I must--
You all remember the tax funded exhibit featuring Piss Christ-presented by the tax payer funded NEA-National Endowment for the Arts- well this one is going a step further- the Smithsonian has a pornographic exhibit -( isn't the Smithsonian funded by my $$$ and your $$$?!!) featuring a Christ figure covered with ants---
I know- we Christians must be 'tolerant' and never be out-raged-or call for an investigation by our servants in government---WRONG- let's get at it- my Patriot friends--I want the NEA and all other 'art' programs funded by private $$$ not My Tax $$$$-Period!!!
Up-Date--Thank you for the heads up JAWA-
The video of the ant-covered Christ has been removed...link


Fredd said...


While still an outrage, these wasted dollars on the National Endowment for the Arts and other degenerate programs are only a drop in our ill-spent taxpayer bucket.

It's the opulent salaries and ridiculously opulent, decadent pensions that public employee unions have rammed down our taxpayer throats that are killing us.

Just cut all public employee union pensions in half, and apologize once. And only once.

Then eliminate public employee pensions and initiate 401(k) plans for them, like all other responsible workers.

See how easy this would be? I mean, besides the caterwauling from the public employee unions, and maybe a little blood in the streets, other than that, piece o' cake.

christian soldier said...

F-agreed-+-I want the members of the House and Senate to make what our troops make-approx $24,000 a year-
the Pres to be put on a tight allowance--
the judges to have so little power that they leave - like the the first Chief Justice-John Jay did- saying that the SC did not have enough power to do what he wanted for his state..
Wheww-I could go on - but- then this would be an actual post :-)

WomanHonorThyself said...

note how they wouldnt dare do this to the religion of pieces!

Kid said...

Carol, I'm with you.

Woman, exactly. Would Never happen with the muslims.

It's not the stupidity, its the Hypocrisy !

And as far as I'm concerned the federal government should only be involved in National Security and some interstate affairs. Which means 98% of what they do is BS.

christian soldier said...

WHT-religion of pieces is always out-raged or 'offended'!

TK-I'm with you!-Fed govt was intended by the founders to be limited!

Wollf Howlsatmoon said...

There's a difference between outrageous and offensive Art. As the others have offered, get the Fed out of anything not directed by the Constitution.

christian soldier said...

Wolf- thank you for your comment-I love it when people agree w/ me :-)