Saturday, November 27, 2010

Still working on my 24 illustrations + 5 oils

so - Light posting-
The sites on my roll are all excellent-
Commoncents - because he puts mine up when he lightly posts..

When are we going to wake up ---M Malkin has a post on the Portland would be bomber + --
Just to note: my acquaintances in Oregon are all liberals who think we must be tolerant...
wounder how long they are going to think that way?


Kid said...

Tolerant liberals. Only until THEY are Personally inconvenienced.

Then all hell will break loose but not before.

Kid said...

PS- Tolerant Liberals. Their tolerant attitude comes Only from the fact that they couldn't care less about the victims. This is the attitude that allows evil to flourish.

christian soldier said...

TK-right on-- on both of your comments!